Win a yankee candle advent calendarWin a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

So, it’s November. We have celebrated or gritted our teeth through Halloween and Bonfire night. Is it too early to mention Christmas?!

I hope not because today I am loud and proud with the Christmas spirit! I have to really. Advent starts in 23 days and I have a corker of a gift for one of my readers.

One of you will win a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar.

Over the last few years, what I would call gift advent calendars have grown in popularity. Why have a simple cardboard calendar with a Christmas scene behind each window, when you can have chocolate? Why have chocolate when you can have pretty much anything you want in an advent calendar?! Cosmetics, alcohol, toys, you name it.

One of the most popular calendars is a Yankee Candle calendar. Each day, when you open a door, you will find a festive tea light or one of 4 votive’s. I love the idea that every night when you’re all sorted, the kids are in bed, glass of mulled wine in hand, blankets and a movie, you can enjoy a new fragrance. Or, when you’re stuck working at your desk until the wee hours, hopefully a new candle a day and a gorgeous smell, will help you stay in the Christmas Spirit!

The fragrances included in the Carousel include: Candy Cane Lane, Winter Glow, Snowflake Cookie, Icicles, Bundle Up and Spiced Orange. Each Tea light burns for approximately 4-6 hrs and each votive, up to 15hrs.

yankee candle fragrance


To enter the competition, please click on the link below. No one has actually sent me the calendar to give away, I decided to buy it and give it away to say thank you for supporting me over the last year. If you wanted to subscribe to my blog in the side bar and follow me on the following social media, I’d be really chuffed. None of this is neccessary to enter the competition and the winner will be drawn at random by the Rafflecopter program.

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Good Luck!


headeramend2There is ONE mandatory entry, leaving a comment. Other entries are optional but increase your chance of winning.
The prize is a Yankee Candle Carousel Advent Calendar.
The delivery address for your chosen items bought with the voucher must be UK based.
No cash alternative is offered. Prize is supplied by Hannah Spannah Coco Banana.The winner has 21 days to respond to their notification, after this time another winner will be drawn.
Competition ends on 22/11/2015 at midnight.


  1. Anthony Harrington

    Spiced Orange would be my fav as we love citrus scents

  2. Claire Hanke

    What a lovely competition! My current favourite is Winter Glow; but it changes all the time!

  3. Becca Staples

    I like all the Christmas scents, really gets me in the spirit x

  4. Snow in love is my favourite Christmas scent!

  5. My favourite is the baby powder one, I always pick that up when I see it! Gotta be the Snowflake Cookie for Christmas though or the Bundle Up – thats nice x

  6. Sarah Hemming

    Snowflake cookie sounds lovely! But spiced orange would probably be my favourite! Love your blog. Xx

  7. black cherry makes my house smell lovely xx

  8. Tracey Peach

    Baby powder because it’s a light & fresh scent 🙂

  9. I love vanilla and lavender as they are so relaxing x

  10. Hannah Ingham

    I love salted caramel because it’s so sweet!

  11. Suzanne O'Neill

    Cinnamon Stick is my favourite 🙂

  12. Tania Atfield

    Spiced orange because it reminds me of Christmas

  13. I love Winter Glow as it reminds me of sitting by an open fire!

  14. My favourite is … I don’t know. It’s a white one, my friend had a massive one at her house the year I spent Christmas with her and I’ve been hunting it down ever since!

  15. My current favourite is candy cane but it changes all the time

  16. Jennifer Bailey

    The Sweet Apple, it has a really nice scent without smelling to artificial.

  17. Janice Papworth

    Spiced Orange would fill my home with a Christmas Spirit

  18. iain maciver

    snow in love

  19. Sheila Reeves

    Mine is one they don’t make anymore, it was just called sage and my niece gave it to my as part of a Christmas gift set a few years ago – as soon as i opened it I was taken back to a scent that I remembered as a child, not sure I would have described it as sage but it was so evocative, been trying to recapture it ever since!

  20. Bundle up sounds nice. Love all of the Yankee candles

  21. My favourite is baby powder. It brings back wonderful memories of when my kids were born 😀

  22. Tracy Hanley

    Christmas Cookie , I love cookies and just love the smell

  23. Laura Cooper

    Lavender as it helps me sleep.

  24. Samantha Loughlin

    Snow In love is my favourite

  25. Tasha hamilton

    Clean towels, my my house smell clean and welcoming

  26. I love the smell of vanilla, I love it in my house

  27. i have never had any yankee candles but they always smell lovely in the shops

  28. Cinnamon Stick because this fragrance is the one we always use at Christmas time. Very seasonal

  29. grace collins

    i love there spiced orange as it reminds me of going to church on Christmas eve to the Christingles service with the family x

  30. My favourite is Bunny Cake! It reminds me of Birthdays and celebrating!

  31. I love cinnamon stick as it reminds me of Christmas at my grandmas X

  32. I like their Lavender candles, I find the smell of lavender really relaxing.

  33. I love Vanilla Cupcake as it’s such a yummy scent that isn’t too overpowering!

  34. I like Christmas Cookie especially at this time of the year.

  35. Michaela Hannah

    Cherries on snow because it reminds me of Christmas

  36. I like clean cotton, because it smells like freshly washed laundry and makes the house smell like it’s just been cleaned

  37. mine is called Red Apple. I can smell it all through the house and it reminds me of cosy christmas’s

  38. I love winter glow. I think it’s such a nice light, festive fragrance that isn’t too overpowering!
    By the way what a lovely idea and thing you are doing with this competition! X

  39. Alan Burrows

    Snowflake cookie,the smell of Christmas

  40. def spiced orange,it really makes the place feel warm and homely at christmas x

  41. Shirley Evans

    love lavender,have always loved the scent of it

  42. Jessica Woods

    Baby powder I love the smell x

  43. Cinnamon Stick ialways feel like its getting near xmas

  44. My favourite yankee candle fragrance is vanilla cupcake, can’t beat it! I do love all of the festive fragrances and I think you have sold me this advent calendar, I love the idea of a new candle to treat myself to each evening 🙂 Lovely to find your blog! xx

  45. Sara Goodman

    Christmas Cookie because it is always amazing and even more so at this time of year.
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway x

  46. What a sweet idea!! I have to say I do wonder about some of the more modern advent calendars, they all seem so BIG, you know? But I do love the idea of a candle a day, such sweet candlelight for cosy winter nights!

    I love so many Yankee candle scents, but one of my favourite has to be the baby talc one! As for winter scents, I’m guessing spiced orange would be perfect!!

  47. i like caramel as its smells so nice and sweet

  48. I love fruity scents so Mango Peach Salsa is my favourite.

  49. Spiced Orange is always my fave as it always gives off a wonderful scent that is nice all year round

  50. Natalie Crossan

    I’m in love with snow in love 😀

  51. Jo hutchinson

    I love the smell of Spiced Orange and it seems Christmassy.

  52. Lemon Lavender – It just smells so good!

  53. Jennifer Haden

    Spiced Orange, just because it’s always been my favourite scent, love the combo x


    vanilla – just my favourite smell; reminds me of ice cream as a child!

  55. I rather like Black cherry or red apple wreath because smells like food. Haha

  56. joanna brand

    baby powder – I love it!!!

  57. Laura Pritchard

    I love Black Cherry!

  58. i love Vanilla Cupcake, it makes my house smell like freshly baked cakes 🙂

  59. vanilla cupcake smells so realistic i could eat it

  60. I Love Yankee candles! I particularly like Winter Glow, it seems so Christmassy x

  61. Tracy Newton

    I love Citrus Tango. It reminds me of warm summer nights

  62. Lorraine Mabbitt

    Lavender is my fav

  63. I’ve not yet come across one that I don’t like, but I love the sicilian lemon one, and the Spiced Orange one at Christmas

  64. Winter Glow !

  65. Cinnamon – as it is so festive 🙂

  66. I love Yankee Candles ,I love Winter Glow, it’s seems Christmassy and festive! Though they are all lovely

  67. I like vanilla as it is lovely and sweet

  68. Louise Taylor

    The best Yankee Candle I ever had was one I got from the U.S and I’ve never seen it back here 🙁 it was Birthday Cake Frosting and smelt like HEAVEN! 😀

  69. Baby Powder 🙂

  70. I love Christmas cookie, because it reminds me of freshly baked cookies.

  71. I love baby powder

  72. Joanne Welsh

    I dunno if they still make it, but there was a marshmallow one that I loved, because I love sweet scents

  73. clair downham

    lavender as it is so relaxing

  74. I would love to try snowflake cookie, it sounds so yummy!!

  75. Ruth Harwood

    Cinammon as it reminds me of Christmas xx

  76. Margaret Clarkson

    Lavender because it is a scent I really love

  77. Chrissie Curtis

    Snowflake Cookie! I love it. It instantly makes me feel Christmassy and reminds me of Christmas at my mums whilst she was baking Cookies.

  78. I love the vanilla cupcake one, smells delicious!

  79. Gerri Tennant

    I love Winter Glow, I have one burning as I type this. Thanks for a lovely competition and a great blog.

  80. kimberley ryan

    Red Velvet, reminds me of toasting Marshmallows!!!

  81. Christmas Cookie, smells homely and so welcoming.

  82. frances hopkins

    I love cinnamon stick makes me feel all christmasy

  83. I love so many scents but I must say the Vanilla frosting is sooooo lovely. I like to layer it with a gingerbread candle I got from a candle shop near me! Smells divine 🙂 x


    Not very Christmassy I know but my absolute favourite is Midsummers Night, it has a tang of the ocean about it and makes me think of walking along the beach on a balmy summer’s night.

  85. At the moment I am enjoying Fireside

  86. Denise Cross

    Vanilla Frosting is my favourite

  87. Cassandra Mayers

    Cinnamon, Such a warm smell

  88. Nancy Bradford

    I love clean cotton. Makes me think of clean houses and fresh sheets.


    Love vanilla, or cinnamon and orange

  90. Victoria Lovell

    Cinnamon – always reminds that Christmas is on the way!

  91. claire griffiths

    spiced orange as it reminds me of christmas

  92. claire woods

    Spiced orange as it is very christmassey.

  93. I love the 3spiced orange one, reminds me of the flavours in mulled wine and Chrsitingle service at church.

  94. Jade Hewlett

    I like cinnamon as it reminds me of Christmas

  95. Jackie Wright

    I love winter glow, what a lovely competition thank you

  96. Layla Thomas

    I love all of the Christmas scents, I think it just really boosts the Christmas spirit.

  97. The Cinnamon Stick candle. Cinnamon has always been my favourite scent

  98. My fave is Christmas cookie as its the perfect blend of sweetness and warmth for the festive period

  99. Baby powder because it reminds me of when my little girl was a baby.

  100. Nat thomason

    The rose one it reminds me of my old garden

  101. Claire Spinks

    Spiced Orange as it makes me feel warm & fuzzy about Christmas

  102. Christine Caple

    I love Berry Trifle – it smells lovely and Christmassy

  103. Kayleigh White

    Apple Crumble because it reminds me of my mothers cooking!

  104. Lindsay Taylor

    I love White Christmas scent – snowy pine forest and christmas combined – lovely!

  105. Ellen Sheppard

    Fluffy Towels is my favourite, I just love the smell of clean washing, even my cat smells like Fluffy Towels 🙂

  106. Julie Chilton

    Lemon lavender is my favourite, relaxing and fresh

  107. spiced orange as its utterly christmassy :o)

  108. Maria Hackett

    I love Cinnamon smell

  109. Kristyn Harris

    My favourite Yankee Candle fragrance is Baby Powder because it smells so clean, fresh and fabulous!

  110. I love Black Coconut, its such a strong smell and i love coconut

  111. Pine cones and spices oranges remind me of Christmas. X

  112. Hannah Cummings

    Cranberry and madarin

  113. I love Christmas Eve because it really does smell like it sounds and reminds me of the excitement I felt every year on Christmas Eve when I was a child!

  114. I love the Christmas Cookie one, but it changes on the time of year!! 🙂

  115. Katie Kingsbury

    Clean Cotton – it was the first one I ever owned (a present from a friend in America). Fell in love with the brand and have become a bit of an addict since!

  116. Katie Walker

    As many others I love cinnamon stick, cinnamon is my favourite scent always makes me feel warm and cosy. I do crave danishes though !

  117. Snow in Love is lovely

  118. Eleanor Powell

    baby powder – it reminds me of when my kids were small

  119. Rebecca Austin

    Winter Glow – lovely smell. Great giveaway. Would love to try the other scents

  120. strawberry – it was the first i had, long long ago when it was not known in Europe

  121. Claire Bingham

    Snowflake cookie as love the smell

  122. Balck coconut, reminds me of tropical holidays

  123. Cinnamon Stick, love this smell at Christmas time!!

  124. Spiced orange because its such a Christmassy scent

  125. Snowflake cookie sounds perfect for Christmas. At the moment my favourite is Vanilla Bourbon

  126. Oliver Evans

    Pink Honeysuckle is my favourite. I haven’t tried any christmas ones!

  127. Diane Jackson

    My favourite is Black Cherry – it smells so good I could eat it 🙂

  128. Donna Gilligan

    Vanilla Lime, not sure why, I Just love it.

  129. Sharon L L Johnson

    love the chirstmas smelling ones, puts me in the mood for xmas xx

  130. elaine stokes

    I love Baby powder, its takes me back to having a baby

  131. Victoria Prince

    My favourite is the Cinnamon Stick because I love the smell of cinnamon, and come Christmas time there is nothing better than filling the house with the smell of cinnamon – makes me feel so festive 🙂

  132. Orange reminds me of Christmas

  133. Karen Hughes

    Vanilla because it makes my home smell amazing! Id love to try these ones! x

  134. Claire Barker

    Spiced Orange as it reminds me of making pomanders as a child (looping a ribbon around an orange and covering the rest of the surface with cloves and then leaving it to dry. Such a warming christmassy smell 🙂

  135. Angela L white

    black cherry,love the fruitiness

  136. Christine Hobbs

    Spiced orange is gorgeous and my favourite x

  137. baby powder or black cherry i love!!!

  138. Anne Woodthorpe

    Winter Glow 🙂

  139. Helen Gilbert

    Cinnamon Stick..lovely nostalgic feeling when I smell this

  140. Joanne Dewberry

    I like Midsummers Night because it has a fresh, natural smell

  141. Vanilla Lime – the gorgeous vanilla with an extra kick

  142. Karen Richards

    Clean cotton. Nothing beats the smell of fresh linen.


  144. Cranberry twist, such an amazing earthy fruit scent !!

  145. Cherries on snow. Smells great, the perfect tones.

  146. tracy sinclair

    Salted Caramel, because it is the strongest scent i have tried so far and smells divine, just like real caramel x

  147. Monika Suchonska

    Pineapple Cilantro or wedding day

  148. lindsay chadburn

    spiced orange is my favourite, smells like my grans house at xmas

  149. Karen Foster

    Clean Cotton is my favourite. It’s such a fresh, clean, homely scent.

  150. Snow in love is my current favourite, but so many to choose from and love them all x

  151. Emily McCabe

    Home Sweet Home or Christmas Eve 🙂

  152. Richard Wood

    Clean cotton as it makes the house smell so fresh and clean

  153. Vanilla, always my favourite smell and reminds me of a clean house….I vaguely remember when that happened once 😉

    Stevie x

  154. Alison Macdonald

    Spiced Orange – I just love citrus scents (so refreshing) 🙂

  155. Snow in love is my absolute favourite, it smells gorgeous and makes me feel so festive xxx
    Fantastic giveaway! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  156. Lieke van Vugt

    Cinnamon stick

  157. claire fawkner

    Snow in love – It puts me in the mood for Christmas!

  158. So many lovely choices but how can you not go with Snow In Love!

  159. Yum this sounds great

  160. joanne ridgway

    i love the black cherry it smells lush

  161. David Greenhalgh

    The scent of cinnamon..reminds me of childhood christmases

  162. currently spiced orange but was gingerbread but that sadly has been discontinued

  163. Saran Benjamin

    Vanilla is one I always pick up because it seems to linger longer through out the house

  164. helen newton

    I love Fresh Linen as nothing feels more refreshing and homely like Fresh Clean Laundry Does 🙂

  165. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    At the moment its vanilla bourbon but it changes every few weeks!

  166. Francesca Harrod

    I love clean cotton – the ultimate fresh happy scent 🙂


    I adore candles and really could not choose a favourite its the season to be jolly so they would all be very welcome a glistening giveaway

  168. Sarah williams

    I love all of them but recently the frosted vanilla is really grabbing me.

  169. L Newbery-Buckley

    Orange splash

  170. Black Cherry xx

  171. I love spiced Orange

  172. Kelly Hemmings

    Red apple…

  173. Gemma Massey

    I love winter glow because it smells divine and makes me feel Christmassy inside x

  174. Tim Woolfenden

    Cinnamon reminds me of Christmas! !

  175. Lynne Durkin

    I’ve never had a Yankee Candle 🙁 but love anything slightly vanilla x

  176. Stewart Osborn

    Cinnamon Stick!

  177. At the moment its ‘Sparkling Cinnamon’ gives me the feeling of the coming festive season

  178. susan thornton

    Lavender as it’s my all-time favourite scent x

  179. clean cotton as it makes me feel refreshed and clean, plus helps relax everyone in the house

  180. Spiced Orange s just love the smell.

  181. sue mcdermott

    Bundle up sounds fun!

  182. Fireside Treats

  183. Catherine White

    Spiced orange, because it’s so Christmassy x

  184. I love cinnamon as it reminds me of christmas

  185. I love the spiced orange one at this time of year but during summer I prefer a lighter scent like fresh linen x

  186. Thomas Perry

    Spiced Orange is my fave as it reminds me of when I first moved into my new home

  187. Black cherry – it’s just so fresh and fruity and reminds me of lazy summer nights, regardless of the time of year it really is!

  188. I love all of them! They are just great and give me so much happiness . <3

  189. Kathleen Thomson

    Black cherry

  190. Lynsey Buchanan

    Cinnamon always reminds me of Christmas

  191. I love Black Cherry because I think it smells gorgeous x

  192. i love cinnamon it reminds me of Christmas 😀

  193. Ginger Dusk

  194. Emma Whittaker

    I love the Baby Powder reminds me of my daughter when she was born 🙂

  195. my favorite is called Snow in love, because it just makes me think of christmas which is my favorite time of the year

  196. Cristín Williams

    Cinnamon stick, because I always have one in the house so when I smell it anywhere it reminds me of home

  197. Baby powder because it smells so clean and fresh!

  198. I like Winter Glow as it makes me think of Christmas spent with family

  199. I love the smell of Candy Cane Lane as it reminds me of Christmas

  200. snowflake cookie as it smells of strawberry frosting cookies! x

  201. Snow in love

  202. This is a fab competition, been eyeing these up in the shops for weeks! Thanks for the chance!

  203. amanda greensmith

    now thats a hard one i’m addicted to yankee love cranberry and orange, chocolate layer cake, blueberry muffin but i think my all time favourite as to be baby powder its such a clean smell

  204. Deborah Mackenzie

    I have never had a yankee candle before; but I love the smell of citrus and berries

  205. clean cotton

  206. Spiced Orange! It’s just the perfect christmas scent!

  207. Lydia Houghton

    Salted Caramel. It makes my house smell delicious… like homemade fudge.

  208. jackie curran

    I love the christmas rose candle , it has a beautiful flowery scent and a christmas edge to it as well.

  209. Christmas Cookie, as it just smells amazing and always brings back happy memories

  210. Katie Brealey

    I love the classic vanillia been a firm favourite for a long time

  211. Ruth Wollerton

    Spiced Orange as it smells festive and christmassy

  212. Nicola Andrijauskas

    The baby powder scent is lush 🙂

  213. Anne Jenkins


  214. Vickie Jackson

    I’m currently burning through my last jar of baby powder 🙂 it just makes me relax 🙂

  215. Kayleigh Robinson

    I am obsessed with “Snow in love” it’s amazing

  216. Baby Powder as it smells gorgeous

  217. My current favourite is Vanilla Frosting!

  218. Lyndsey Beckford

    I like cinnamon stick as it reminds me of Christmas 🙂

  219. How lovely! Winter Glow is super for the cold nights

  220. Spiced orange is my fave

  221. Helen Craigs

    I love Baby Powder but as a Christmas treat I love Sparkling Cinnamon

  222. Heather Crowe

    We have a little melt burning just now it is delicious, it smells like cotton, i think it is called winter snow? it is lush!

  223. I love the baby powder one as it makes me feel all sentimental x

  224. Janet Rumley

    Spiced orange is so refreshing xxx

  225. I love baby powder scent x

  226. Amanda Richardson

    At the minute it’s Winter Glow which is just perfect for this cold weather as it cheers you up

  227. Caroline Blaza

    Spiced Orange because for some reason it just reminds me of Christmas x

  228. Love black cherry , it’s a lovely scent without being to overpowering

  229. Vanilla cupcake takes me back to being young

  230. Winter glow would be my favourite <3 xx

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