Why do people write blogs?


Why do people start blogs? I’m in my mid thirties, I’ve had a couple of years ‘out’ of life shall we say (not as in a gap year- wow, that would have been nice but more like a blur of depression, pain and exhaustion- more of that later) and I find that there are blogs everywhere. Inspiring blogs, blogs that make me want to pin activities for my son and I to do on Pinterest, blogs that can teach me to create almost anything(if I had the skills)  and they’re all so shiny and colourful and I want to keep reading.

I’ve always liked to write. I feel satisfaction from a good letter written and receiving  a hand written  letter is as good as a gift to me.

So blogs? Why do people start writing them? I can answer than question myself now. I’m starting this blog as I have been through a lot in the last 3yrs and 2 months. Marriage, divorce, pregnancy, being confined to a wheelchair, postnatal depression, raising a 2yr old alone, living with my parents again. Being diagnosed with more than one agonising condition that has no cure or treatment……….
I’m hoping that someone who reads this will find that they’re not alone. Someone else is in the same boat as they are and they might be able to get comfort from that. Selfishly I’m hoping that someone will read this and they will have the answers. They’ll be able to help me and ‘fix’ me and give me my life back. If not that, maybe they’ll sweep me off my feet and love me forever?!! Pah ha ha ha!

This is my beginning. My beginning of getting better and hopefully, this is going to work.

I hope that I can help someone. Help them live with the condition, help someone help a friend or relative with Fibromyalgia or just to spread awareness that this condition is real. It is cruel and it is unforgiving. 



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