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What I’m wearing to Britmums Live 2015

what i'm wearing to britmums live 2015This is a very different type of blog post for me! What I’m wearing to Britmums Live 2015.

For those of you who haven’t got yourself mixed up in the crazy world of blogging, Britmums is a 2 day event that brings parenting bloggers together. There are workshops to help you improve skills such as writing, photography and videography and talks from guest celebrities and successful bloggers.

A lot of us Newbies that are attending for the first time, are quite nervous and unsure what to expect. There are lots of posts floating around from ladies who are going and the most recent seems to be, ‘what am I wearing?’. People are finding it helpful to see what others are wearing so that they can fit in and not be too under or over dressed.

Me however, I’m just going for it! I know that getting too hot is an issue for me. I think using crutches doesn’t help and the temperature is supposed to be about 23 degrees this weekend so that’s my main consideration.

Day 1- Friday 19th June.

I’ll be catching an early morning train and going straight to the event that starts at 1.30/2pm (I think- I’d better check!) and will need my outfit to last into the evening awards ceremony and dinner afterwards. I’ve been told that not many people change for the awards unless they are nominated (not a chance!) and so its one outfit for everything.

what im wearing to britmums 2015

So, outfit one. My good old, well worn, travelled around the world in, silver birkenstocks.

My Mulberry satchel bag. A must have as I have no spare hands to carry anything so it has to be over my shoulder.

Navy leggings from Next Outlet.

Blue and floral tunic from Joules Outlet.

A simple gold Hare necklace from Joules also. The tunic has a gold zip on the back and I don’t have any gold jewelry and so saw this and snapped it up. It’s cute if not a little mass produced and un original. I was on a time limit due to missing my shopping time by getting myself admitted to hospital! Way to go me!

Day 2- Saturday June 20th 2015

Again, this outfit has to last all day. First impressions will have been made and I want to be comfy and cool. I think my outfit is a little quirky in the way I’ve put things together the dress I wore to a wedding, the leggings have been in a drawer for years and the sandals have been worn once, about 6 yrs ago!

what i'm wearing to britmums 2015


The dress is a about 3yrs old, from Wallis.

Leggings from Sainsbury’s of all places!

Gladiator sandals that I cannot remember where they are from!

Hare necklace from Joules as before.

Mulberry handbag as before.

So that’s me. I’ll be bringing my jeans and a top or two just in case the weather changes but I’m pretty happy with that. My hair will be up and out of my way, and my make up will be minimal as i don’t wear much in general.

So what about you guys, what are you wearing?

I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone and apologies if this is a really boring post to those of you who are not going!





    1. Oh thank you Donna, I’ve just booked the train and it’s getting a bit exciting! Looking forward to meeting you too x

  1. You would think I would know by now wouldn’t you! I am going for jeans I think as I am most comfortable in them and am nervous enough as it is. I have a top from Next for Friday. Best go and pack. See you there x

    1. Thank you, see you there! Jeans are always a good choice, I just think I’ll be to warm x

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