What a Naughty Bird from Templar Publishing

naughty bird front coverWhat a Naughty Bird from Templar Publishing, by Sean Taylor and Dan Widdowson.


Oh this book is so funny! We opened it, read the first page and wondered. We turned the page and laughed. My little boy’s face went from interested to hilarity! Mummy said the word ‘poo!’ The bird did a poo on purpose! And it continues…

What a naughty bird

what a naughty bird 2

The book continues with the naughty bird flying around and ‘upsetting’ a few other animals….! 

It produced many a giggle in our house and still does. My little man has told everyone about the book and how it ends – it’s not how you might imagine and produced even more giggles and grimaces! 

It’s a different kind of book than any others that we have had before. We’ve had ‘funny’ books and books about pants etc and some have had a moral and some have just been a story but we’ve never had one that makes little man feel like its forbidden fruit and therefore so much better! He loves me to read it and say poo! However, it’s not just a silly story. It has a moral and I won’t tell you how but it doesn’t end well for the bird which gives you a great opportunity to discuss what he did, what happened to him and how things could have been different. 

I have actually used it to my benefit by saying ‘remember the bird? He went around being not nice to everyone and what happened to him? If you do what you are thinking about doing, what might happen to you…..?’ It’s given little man an understanding of cause and effect in a really funny way that helps diffuse a possible tense situation.

We love it and we think you will too!



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