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My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday #3

my slimming world weight loss Wednesday

Welcome to ‘My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday’ Week number 3.

So far, I had lost 6lbs in 2 weeks and you could see it in my face which is brilliant. Once I can see the weight coming off, it gives me so much more motivation to do well. Planning my meals is definitely the way to success. It has been hard to find the time to cook so much as my son eats a more normal diet including meat and a lot of my meals are quite spicy so not suitable for him and so I’m cooking two meals each night but I need to keep going and not relax too much. Just eating a great big bowl of cereal for tea is not good. I’m on week three of my Vegetarian Slimming World Meal Plan if you want any inspiration.


vegetarian slimming world


So it’s week 3. I’ve been quite good with my food this week although I ate out on Sunday and so didn’t stick to the plan 100%. I’ve also been a bit hormonal and my other female readers will know how this can reek havoc with weight loss. 

So how did I do?

I’m not going to publish my weight as I hate how much I weigh so I have stated how many lbs I want to lose instead. My jar below is to ‘fill’ with buttons, each one representing a lb. 

My goal weight loss is: 20 lbs.

Current Weight loss : 8 lbs

12th October 2016 Weigh in = 2 lbs lost

lbs left to lose: 12 lbs


slimming world weight loss

8lbs in 3 weeks! I’m more than happy with that. I’ll be gutted if I have to take some buttons out so I’d better stick to the plan then. 12 lbs left to lose is still a lot but it’s less than a stone so manageable. How did you do?




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    1. Thanks lovely. Don’t beat yourself up – you’ve still got a baby and are feeding! My baby is nearly 5yrs old!!

  1. Awww love, you are doing so well and it’s lovely to see the jar filling up! You are working hard and getting the results! I don’t envy you following a Vegetarian Slimming World diet and yes, it is so unbelievably hard to keep cooking separate meals for everyone each day – but the more that jar fills up, the more focused you will be on the end target. You can do it love! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday – lovely to have you on board! Sim xx

    1. Thank you. It’s bloody hard as I can’t exercise due to my health but I’m determined! Hope you have a good week too

  2. Well done – you have started so well! I know what you mean about being spurred on when you can see changes, that’s definitely something that happens for me too. I have just started back on Slimming World after having a baby and have about 30lbs to lose before May! Looking forward to seeing your future progress on #WeightLossWednesday 🙂

  3. You are doing amazing! I’m keeping my fingers crossed you don’t have to take any out – it’s devastating! Sure you will smash through your goal though
    Thanks for linking up to #WeightLossWednesday

  4. Well done! First few weeks are the hardest I love slimming world though! I’ve lost 20lb so far and want to lose another 6 before my bday in Dec!


  5. Hey there! It’s been a long while since I did the Weekend Blog Share and I have seriously missed it! I am need of losing weight myself! I don’t know how am I going to achieve it. My goal is at least 10 pounds. I hope to find inspiration from you!

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