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My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday #4

my slimming world weight loss Wednesday

Welcome to ‘My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday’ Week number 4.

Here I am at week number 4 and as a quick spoiler, I can tell you that I am very surprised but happy nonetheless with this week’s result. 

Last week saw me feeling beyond exhausted and my back and pelvis were and still continue to be, terribly, terribly painful. Last week was horrific though. I couldn’t stand to cook and preparing my son’s meals (homemade from the freezer) was about the extent of my capabilities. That meant that I just snacked (albeit mostly healthy) but also made some non diet choices. I crave sugar when I am tired and that is so hard to ignore. I also had harvest festival lunch with my son at his school (yummy dumplings) and this week’s bake off bake along was fondant fancies. Boy are they fiddly but so worth it! I made Rainbow Fondant Fancies and I won star baker! Hurrah! I don’t have a meal planning Monday to link to I’m afraid as I totally forgot but as I work a week in advance, that’s ok.I’ll post it later on though.

So how did I do?

I’m not going to publish my weight as I hate how much I weigh so I have stated how many lbs I want to lose instead. My jar below is to ‘fill’ with buttons, each one representing a lb. 

My goal weight loss is: 20 lbs.

Current Weight loss : 9 lbs

12th October 2016 Weigh in = 1 lbs lost (how?!!!)

lbs left to lose: 11 lbs




9lbs in 4 weeks! I’m more than happy with that. I’ll be gutted if I have to take some buttons out so I’d better stick to the plan then. 11 lbs left to lose is still a lot but it’s less than a stone so manageable. How did you do?




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  1. I love the idea of the button jar and buttons – a visual aid is always good! Well done on losing on a week where you were ill – this is normally quite difficult. My small weight loss this week has made me happy too – I’d have to be breaking a button in two to put it in the pot though!! All the best for this week and looking forward to catching up next Wednesday and seeing the contents of that jar 🙂 Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Thank you for you support and well done for your loss. A loss is a loss!

  2. You seem to be losing weight the healthy way, one or two pounds a week. Due to medication and illness I have about 50 (!) pounds to lose. I just found out I have Celiac Disease so going gluten-free should help me out, that and watching my sugars for diabetes. Going gluten-free sucks but I really hate how much weight I’ve gained so it’s a good news/bad news sort of thing. Have a good week!

    1. Oh you’ll get there. I’m in the same position with the meds and weight gain. It’s hard when you can’t exercise but we can do this!

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