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Weekend Blog Share – 3rd February – 5th February 2017

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My goodness, it’s Friday again. This week has neither flown, nor dragged. It’s just been ‘meh’. 

On Saturday, Bear mentioned his tummy hurting and didn’t eat as much as usual. On Sunday, he complained in the morning but still wanted to go to his Dad’s. However, at 3pm, I received a phone call to say that he had been sick and wanted to come home. Oh dear. The Norovirus had hit.

The poor boy couldn’t keep a sip of water down but thankfully after a horrific night, ‘only’ the pain and fatigue remained. Bless him, it knocked him for six and he didn’t return to school until Thursday. But……on Wednesday, it was my turn! Thankfully, today I am able to get dressed but still a bit wobbly. Fingers crossed it’s behind us.

So this is the point that I’d usually highlight an Instagram picture that I have posted in the week, but, I have posted non. 

I have managed to publish four blog posts this week that were thankfully written before Bear became ill or when we were chilling on the sofa. 

Mess Free, Glue Free, Valentines Heart Light Jars

How to make beautiful, Mess Free, Glue Free, Valentines Heart, Light Jars


Glitter Reveal Valentines Heart Jars

How to make Beautiful, Glitter Reveal, Valentines Heart Light Jars


My Living Arrows Post


Heart Suncatchers


So that was that. A boring week. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to. On to the blog share:


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  1. Awww no, I hope Bear is feeling better- the Norovirus is absolutely awful! Can’t wait for Spring to arrive and hopefully all the sickness too! Thank you for hosting! Sim x

  2. The sickness bug must be doing its rounds 🙁 my youngest had it Wednesday and has to have Thursday and today off school meaning I got 2 unexpected days off work. I hope you feel better now.
    Thank you for doing your #weekendblogshare I hope I have done it right although I am not sure how to put your link into a side bar so will add your link to the end of my latest blog if that’s ok x

  3. Omigoodness! The only thing worse than being sick is when your kid is sick (!) So hoping you and Bear are feeling better. And thank you, as always, for taking the time to host the wonderful #weekendblogshare xoxoxoxo

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