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Friday, Friday, Friday. You take forever to arrive, yet jump out at me out of the blue, as if by surprise. 

This weekend, Bear had a friend over to play on Saturday morning which was nice for a quiet morning, followed by a brilliant party that was jointly shared between two of his school friends. They spent hours on a bouncy castle / slide combo and was utterly spent by teatime. 

I had taken a bit of a break from social media as I was utterly exhausted after the cold / flu virus and then Norovirus and needed to just concentrate on being a Mummy. I broke my silence with a picture of me wearing a very fitting jumper…..



Hi! Remember me? I figured that I had to come out of hiding one day, and that day may as well be today. Things have been hard recently. I have been feeling under a lot of pressure with my study , blog ‍ and social media , my health seems to have taken a step or so backwards, I am so exhausted, on top of my general, medical fatigue and I’m trying to be the best Mummy ‍that I can. That’s my top priority and something had to give. The house has been hit by colds and the Norovirus and we all know how hard that can be, especially as both Bear ‍♂️and I had it at the same time and all my family were abroad ✈️ . I withdrew, hunkered down and have allowed myself to slow down ‍♀️. Yes, I know a lot of the pressure is heaped on by myself but it’s hard when you’re on ‘your own’ and the buck stops with you. No matter the amazing help that my family ‍‍‍ give me, at the end of the day, every decision is down to me. Every move I make, can make or break us ‍♀️. Every cause has a reaction ⚖️and I am coming to terms with the fact that even though I want it, even though I will push myself to achieve, in every area of life, sometimes, it’s just not enough there are limitations that I just have to accept. I’m not giving up , I’m just readjusting and accepting reality. That’s when I’ll find my way back up . So tell me. How are you ?

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Somehow, this week, on the blog, I have shared:


Blogging Social Media Stats & Bucket List Update

My blogging social medis statistics update. How did I do this month?


A very sad Living Arrows 2017 6/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. This week, m son and his adored Guinea Pigs


Games Night with my boy – Yeti In My Spaghetti

We love a good Games Night in our house and Yeti in my Spaghetti has become a firm favourite. What's a Yeti and why is it in my spaghetti?! Read on to find out


Parenting worries keep me awake at night

being the parent mummy worries


As ever, I hope you’ve all had a good week and I look forward to hearing and reading about what you have been up to.

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  1. Oh nooooooo! Now I have a bad cold. But I won’t blame you for giving it to me (!) I doubt very much that blog sharing involves germ sharing. Thank you again for hosting #weekendblogshare. I don’t know how you do it, even without recovering from the flu xoxo

    1. Ah, it’s not that hard. Sorry you’ve got the cold, feel better soon. At least you’ve an excuse for a hot toddy!

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