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It’s another week, another Friday, and yet the same old story from me. How is it Friday already?! This week has been very quiet on the blogging front (I really am a rubbish blogger) as my health is really holding me back right now but what can you do? Last Saturday I visited my very poorly Grandma and when we got back home, Bear went to visit his Dad on Sunday and I spent about 8hrs doing homework and tests for my accountancy qualification. I then did very similar on Monday. Heck, it was hard going. On Tuesday, I had my last lesson with my teacher before my next exam in a fortnight’s time. Due to half term, there is no lesson next week and so I just need to do practice exam after practice exam. I have to admit that I am not very confident but fingers crossed, if I can just make it click in my head, I’ll get through it.

Other than that not much has happened. I can tell you that I went out last night – like proper out. Not to a friend’s for a coffee but to the pub for food and a pub quiz. Ok, the younger ones of you might have thought that when I said proper out, that I had been night clubbing or something, but for me, it was the biggest night out I’ve had in years! It was in aid of my son’s school and was the first fundraiser that the new PTA had organised. Oh and yes, I was kind of told that I am going to be part of the PTA a couple of weeks ago (by a very lovely but slightly scary-until-you-know-her Mum (!)) as I have ‘balls’ and low an behold, I am now the Treasurer. If I could add a grimace emoji, I probably would……! It’s all good really as it puts some of my recent accountancy learning into practice and I have just deposited the hard-earned cash this morning. 

So, this week, the only thing that I have shared, was a Living Arrow’s picture post of my Grandma, Bear and I. If you would like to have a read of any of my other posts, feel free to look through my categories and see if anything else takes your fancy.

Living Arrows

Visiting Great Grandma Living Arrows



As ever, I hope you’ve all had a good week and I look forward to hearing and reading about what you have been up to.

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  1. Lovely to hear you went out and had fun! I am totally with you! I love my weekly jaunt to the pub on a Friday night – to me that is being out out and I love it! Good luck with your revision and your exam – you can do it! Thank you for hosting! Sim xx

  2. Omigoodness! The PTA! You are going to be one busy mommie. (Even busier than you are already.) But good for you. That PTA is lucky to have you and your financial prowess (not to mention your sense of humor). Before I go, I just have to mention that photo at the end of you, your grandma, and Bear. Wow!

  3. Good luck for your exam. Just over-prepare like crazy. Not easy when your health is holding you back, I know. But just revise, revise, revise. People always think I’m good at passing exams, but I’m just a chronic over-preparer!

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