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Morning. Somehow, it’s that day of the week again. Friday seems to be steamrolling each week. I’m sure it’s early this week but apparently not. We’ve had a very quiet week after an eventful weekend and I think we’ve all been in need of it. 

On Saturday, we had a quiet day at home, sorting a few bits, playing, relaxing and doing the odd job. Bear managed to make a very dirty job into a lot of fun….


This dude!! He has such a sense of fun. We decided to clean up the trampoline as over winter ❄️, it had quite expectedly become the home to and twigs and green gunk . We unhooked the net, swept it and then got some hot soapy water . Bear ‍♂️ went inside and came back with his waders on and so I knew he meant business! He swept, splashed , scrubbed and then bounced. He had so much fun and a big old job got done. Tomorrow he’ll be at his Daddy’s and although it’s hard being on your own – especially as his Dad worked last weekend and so I’ve not had a break for a fortnight , I am really, really going to miss him . It’s really hitting me hard tonight. Gawd, do I love ❤️ this kid. He’s my little ray of sunshine ☀️. He makes all the hard day’s worth it. Extra snuggles tonight ❤️

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So on Sunday, which was my Mum’s birthday, off Bear went to his Dad’s house and I decided that I’d treat myself to a quick box of hair dye to lighten my poor hair that relies on the sun to lighten up. No sun for f o r e v e r = dark hair.

I sat in the bath with the dye doing it’s thing and suddenly, my Mum called. Dad was very poorly, the ambulance was there and could I collect the dog? Well of course I could. The dye was washed out, too early for it to have done anything and I raced over to my parent’s house, just in time to see them go off in the ambulance. It turns out that my dad’s new medication for long undiagnosed Crohns Disease had made him very poorly, he’d been fighting gastroenteritis on top, his kidney’s weren’t happy and he had had what they are calling a ‘baby’ heart attack – his fourth heart attack so far I think. He’d lost consciousness which had been very scary for Mum but thankfully, he is home and recovering.

That evening, whilst I was visiting my Dad and collecting my Mum from the hospital, my phone rang and time it was Bear’s dad. Bear wanted to talk to me before going to bed apparently but in actual fact he burst into tears and wanted to come home! Bless his heart. I was an hour away and so had to drag Mum with me so that I could get him home and into bed at a decent time. 9.15pm he fell asleep. Oh dear.

So all of that has meant a quiet week. I’ve been resting as much as I can in an attempt to try and build some energy up but so far it’s not working!

This week, I have posted:

How to make a beautiful Easter Wreath

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As ever, I hope you’ve all had a good week and I look forward to hearing and reading about what you have been up to.

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  1. Thank you for hosting! Always love to link up each week! Hope your dad is ok now and that you get a chance to colour your hair properly! Crazy week but fortunately all back to normal for the weekend for all it seems! Sim xx

    1. Thank you, I love seeing you each week. I’m having major internet problems but will be reading I promise!

  2. Wow! Life is never ever dull for you, is it, Dear Hannah!! The photo of Bear ‘cleaning’ the trampoline is just too funny. So glad you could turn work into play. Fingers crossed you get to finish a bath someday! xoxo

  3. Hi Hannah, I really wanted to try participating in your link party, but even though it is open, I am unable to add my link. I’m getting an error message about the image, but I recently added a link to a different link party just yesterday and had no problems. Have you ever encountered this issue before? Any ideas on how to fix it? I tried the “help adding links” through the link adding site, but that was no help at all.

    1. I’ve not heard anything Paula but let me look into it. Thank you for wanting to link up!

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