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Happy Friday everyone. Welcome back to the Weekend Blog Share.

How has your week been? Have you trimmed your tree? Decorated your house? As Bear spends Sunday’s with his Dad, we decided to decorate last Saturday and we had such a lovely time. I put the Christmas music on, lit some Christmas scented candles and this year has to be the best year yet for participation. We have an artificial Christmas tree that I got in the January sales some years ago. I’d love a real tree but it’s another expense at the most expensive time of the year for me and so we stick with this one. All the branches are coded with letters so you know which ones to put where and Bear loved finding them, matching them and putting it together.


 My parents also came over which was nice an d it really kicked off the festive spirit in our house. This week, the poor boy has been poorly, a g a i n, poor kid. He’s had a bad head cold with a temperature and ear ache and so has had a couple of days of school but has happily managed two days in a row so fingers crossed, it’s now behind us.

This week, I have written about:

co - parenting at christmas


and my favourite Christmas craft


how to make homemade clay white clay father christmas decorations handprints

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  1. Looks like you had fun putting up the tree! We have an artificial tree bought a few years ago too but it is so reliable and still looks great – I just cannot be dealing with the faff of having to get rid of a real tree. Hope you guys have a fantastic Christmas! Sim xx

    1. Yes! I think our council actually collects them in January but knowing me, I’d miss it and then have to haul a wet yucky tree to the tip!

  2. I love my fake tree! We have a smaller one in a decorative planter so each year I pull it out of the corner in a spare bedroom and place it in the living room. Lights, pinecones, and berries are already on it. I add a few ornaments and the tree is done! #WeekendBlogShare

  3. I love that Bear got to not only decorate the tree, but put the tree together in the first place. This is amazing!! He will remember this all his days. Have a most wonderful Christmas, most wonderful mother! xoxox #weekendblogshare

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