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  Yay, it’s that time of the week again and after a week off, I am re energised and fully caught up with my commenting thank goodness! Sorry to those of you who waited a long time. Since last Friday, the dude and I have not done a great deal. On Saturday, I took him swimming which was great fun and we followed that with chocolate brownie making – Bear managed all by himself. Clever boy.


Oh, I wish I knew how to make this boy happy…..😞…..oh wait, let him make Brownies and talk about farts 💨 and it’s like you’re the best person in the world! 🏆 Bear has helped me cook and bake from the moment he could hold a spoon and his skills are pretty good 👌🏻 so after we came home from swimming 🏊 yesterday, I let him bake chocolate brownies, all by himself. I mean pretty much 💯% on his own. I helped keep him on track with the numbers on the scales ⚖️ so that he concentrated, but he weighed, cracked the eggs 🍳 melted in the microwave, smashed the chocolate 🍫 with a rolling pin, poured, mixed and measured. I lined the baking tray and held the big bowl 🍚 up for him so that he could scoop the mix into the tray and I helped him put it in and out of the oven. That’s that. He smoothed out the chocolate 🍫 on top and then the sprinkles. I am so bloomin proud of him 😍. The next step is a Victoria sponge 🎂 I think. Then maybe a roast dinner 🍽?!!

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  On Sunday he was with his Dad after school on Monday night, my poor boy started with a stomach bug. This meant 48 hours off school which was tricky as I should have been at my accounts class and had lots to do, however, I would be lying if I didn’t say that getting an extra 2 days snuggled up, playing lego with my boy, was not a brilliant bonus. Just a shame he had to be so violently sick to warrant it. That’s that really. I blogged a little health update yesterday and have about 15 posts in drafts but that doesn’t count does it.   arthritis crohns fibromyalgia  

So thank you for returning after the break last week and on to the link up.


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  1. I think they’re much better brownies than I could ever hope to make, kids are just so much better at baking!! My daughter makes choux pastry at the age of 14 and I can’t even do that now at 42!! #weekendblogshare

  2. Hope he is feeling better. Two days snuggling with mum and playing lego sounds like the perfect medicine!

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