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It’s Friday again. How on earth is it Friday again? Last week when I wrote this post, I had published about 8 blog posts. This week, I ave published a grand total of 1 and that was my usual weight loss post – hardly challenging! 

I have spent all week recovering as last Saturday, I caught the train down to London and back in a day, to attend Mumsnet Blogfest. It was a fabulous day and I got to catch up with so many great blogging friends and met some inspiring and well known you tubers. I came away with a new lust for blogging but as is always, my health holds me back and I have had to rest and recover. The train journey and the day left me in a lot of pain and so now I’m going to reconsider how I manage these trips in the future as it’s not fair to everyone that has to pick up the pieces. 



From Tuesday onwards, I had to prepare for the joy of what is a Colonoscopy, that was carried out yesterday. They took a few biopsies but it will be 8 weeks before I get any results. I’m sure all will be well though. That has however left me wrecked today. What a week! 

I am 100% are that I am woefully behind in my commenting. Massive apologies. I am making my way through and I will catch up, I promise. Thanks for being patient but that’s why this week, I’ve decided to not run the linky as I want to catch up and hate to think that people will feel that they are putting work in and not getting the return they expect. 

So, not on to the blogshare. Please do come back next week and I look forward to reading all your posts and catching up.

I published a handheld shaky video of the interview between Brummy Mummy of 2 and Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter if you want to see what she had to say.



Thanks for bearing with me


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  1. Ah lovely, we all get a little behind from time to time and it’s only blogging at the end of the day, no one has died, haha!

    Looks like you have had a fabulous and very busy week and I’ll look forward to joining in again next weekend

  2. It sounds like you are going through a lot, but your passion for blogging is shining through. Hope your results are what you wish for.

  3. Awwww hope you are ok love! What a crazy busy week! I did see your pics from BlogFest and looks like you had a fantastic time! Do love conferences for the networking! Off to read your weight loss post now – feel free to join in with this week’s #WeightLossWednesday – think we all need to support to keep pushing for Christmas!xx

  4. Colonoscopy!!! Yikes!!! That’s like the Donald Trump of medical procedures. Hope you are doing just fine. BTW, you look waaaay too young to need a colonoscopy, my dear. The new picture on your blog is simply lovely. xoxoxo

    1. Bless you, thanks! It’s not a fun procedure, that’s for sure but needs must! Biopsy results will be in a few weeks.

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