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It’s the last Weekend Blog Share before Christmas! I may run one between Christmas and New Year but will have to see how we go and what you guys think.

The run up to Christmas has been manic for me. I just feel as though I am chasing my tail and never catching it. I am so woefully behind on reading our blog posts and leaving comments as I can hardly read without falling asleep but I promise to catch up before the next blog share. I am really sorry.

This week, I managed to cobble together a Christmas Jumper for Bear yesterday and although it looks a little dubious, he was happy with it and that’s all that counts. I remembered at 9.30pm the night before, that I didn’t have one for him and so an old jumper, a santa hat and various other things were sewn on in haste!



So. Today, was Christmas 🎄 jumper day at school. At half past 9 last night, whilst in the shower 🚿, I didn’t have a Macaulay Culkin Home Alone 🏡 moment 😱. Oh no, not me. I’m not one of t h o s e Mum’s. I did not raid the wardrobe for a jumper, I did not find a Santa 🎅🏻 hat that didn’t fit, nor did I cut a Santa 🎅🏻 face off a last years t-shirt and hastily sew it all together and add jingle bells 🔔 for full effect. I’m sure his teacher appreciated that today 😜. Look at that face. I thought the jumper looked a bit 💩 but he was so happy and excited this morning that it made my bleeding thumbs and aching hands, disappear from my thoughts 💭. Anyone else not one of t h o s e Mum’s?!!!

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This week, I have written:

How to make a 

homemade snow globe bostik bloggers


we reviewed:


I wrote about our fabulous Num Noms advent calendar



and gave a few tips about 


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  1. Thank you for hosting love! Hope you are feeling ok, make sure you are getting rest! Love the cobbled together Xmas Jumper – totally unique and bet Bear absolutely rocked it! Off to see how you got on with the Num Noms! Sim xx

  2. OMG!!! I love Bear’s Christmas jumper (only we’d call it a ‘sweater’) so so much. Cutest garment I’ve seen in years. Can’t believe you threw that together so quickly. Hang in there, Doll. The Holidays sure aren’t. “Holiday’s, that is — not for us Moms! And thanks again for hosting #weekendblogshare (Take a break between Christmas and New Year’s. We’ll live — and you deserve it.) xoxoxo

  3. Great sharing Hannah. I really like your dog biscuit recipe. Really want to try making it but I just don’t have time. Very busy these days! But thanks to you I’m paying more attention to my lovely pets at home, making sure they don’t get stressed out like me for the season lol. Merry Christmas!

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