Vlogmas Day 1

vlogmas1Vlogmas Day 1



Vlogmas. What the hell is Vlogmas?!

Let me explain all the weird words for you if you haven’t entered this crazy world yet.

A person who writes something like I do is a Blogger who writes a Blog.

A person who records their thoughts on video, is a Vlogger and they record Vlogs – Video Blogs.

We all know what Christmas is and so as if there isn’t enough to do in the run up to Christmas, some of us join ‘Blogmas’, where you Blog every day in December until Christmas Day or even beyond.

I’ve decided to join ‘Vlogmas’ where, as you’ve probably guessed, the goal is to Vlog everyday on your blogging youtube channel.

December 1st is Vlogmas Day 1. My Vlogmas day 1 went live on December 2nd. Ooops. First Vlogmas fail. Day 2 stil isn’t up and Day 3 is edited and ready to go. Hopefully I’ll get 2 and 3 online tonight and then I’ll be caught up and then fingers crossed, I’ll manage to vlog, edit and upload everyday. Yeehaw.

It’s a bbusy month for us. Day 1 has us out and about, playing and talking change.

Take a look and please subscribe to my channel, I’d love to share our month with you. Baking, decorating and crafting all things Christmas.


I hope you liked it and thanks for watching.



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