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Updating my bedroom with Yorkshire Linen

mai pctureUpdating my Bedroom with Yorkshire Linen.

You may have noticed that recently, a lot of posts have been about the home. I am one of those people that changes the furniture around constantly. Friends come over and are now not shocked to see the sofa in a different place or a bookshelf has disappeared into another room!

I tend to move things around to try and make more space and also to cope with the seasons. My house is quite cold. In summer, I tend to spread out and make space where as in winter, I move the sofa and chairs and make a seating area closer to the wood burner.

My bedroom is the most recent thing to have been changed. I’ve moved the furniture around ( I say I, but actually my family did most of it – thank you!) and whilst I’m really happy with it, it’s time to update things.

I love the crisp white bed sheets that I have. Usually, I only have white and accessorise with a pop of colour here and there but I’m not happy with the purple cushions that I have. I also have to have the white covered up most of the time as the dog has worked out how to open my bedroom door and can often be found lounging on the bed!!

So that’s that, winter is coming and it’s time for a change. As much as I love summer and really wish that we had seen the sun a little more, I love the fact that we have seasons and I am looking forward to snuggling up with blankets and get cosy.

I had no idea what I was looking for but as my bedroom is very traditional with big beams at either side of the room and the chimney runs through, modern styles just don’t seem to go.

On the Yorkshire Linen website, I saw a beautiful duvet set of flowers and leaves that would be absolutely perfect for summer. Anyway, it’s August. Today I put the heating on. I am definitely focused on Winter that is heading our way at incredible speed!

This is what I decided to go. I’m so excited and can’t wait for these things to come. It’s amazing how you quickly and easily change the feel of a whole room with a few key pieces.


final collage

I absolutely love this for winter and their own styling shows beams similar to my own. 

The colours are perfect. gentle and warm and cosy. I’ve chosen a fabulous Flannelette sheet. It’s a lovely modern version of the type of sheet that my grandma used to have on our beds when we stayed over. If you’ve never slept on flannelette, it’s almost furry and so soft and warm. None of the crispness of my white summer sheets. 

I’ve chosen a natural knitted throw – the same one from their styling in fact! I looked at others but there was no better match. They obviously know their stuff at Yorkshire Linen!

My final change to update the room is some lovely cushion covers. the background colour will match the throw and the tartan matches the bedding so well. They will also look great with my usual white summer bedding.

Fingers crossed it will work! I’ll do a quick update when I’ve made the change and let you know what I think. Your opinions are always welcome!



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  1. Updating your bedroom is a good project. It can make you feel comfortable in your own room. Also, it can increase the value of your home for future plans like selling it.

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