My top 5’s of 2016

A few of my top 5's of 2016

Here are my top 5’s of 2016 in my little blogging bubble.

2017 is the beginning of a big new start for me and a giant leap. Self employment here I come! It’s nerve wracking as my health and fatigue can flare up at any time and make everyday life very hard for me but I am determined to provide more for my son.

My top 5 viewed posts that were written in 2016 are:

boy play with doll5: This is one of my personal favourites. He’s not allowed to play with a doll. I love this post because writing it and the feedback I’ve received since, has made me feel even more confident and vindicated in my parenting views. I know people will always disagree and that there is more than one way of raising a child but finding a whole movement of parents that allow their children to play with toys intended for the opposite gender has brought joy. I only hope that more companies start to take note.





mummy blogger4: Why I’ll never make it big as a Mummy Blogger. I wrote this after feeling so terribly inadequate. I read another news article about how fabulous bloggers are that tell the truth – the warts and all version of parenthood and how twee and rubbish the bloggers are that enjoy crafting with their children etc.
I’ll never be famous and I don’t want to be but I’m more than just a boring mummy blogger.





Jamie Oliver Breastfeeding3: Jamie Oliver and Breastfeeding. Do you remember when Jamie Oliver gave his views on breastfeeding? People were outraged that he, a man, would dare to suggest what women should and shouldn’t do. I didn’t agree…







2: A recent post that I wrote about choosing a bike for your child. I have had so much feedback on social media about this and a lot of people have been convinced by the accompanying YouTube videos. Buying your child a bike? You must read this.







Disabled parking1: At number 1 is a bit of a letter to those who don’t understand invisible disabilities. Parking in a disabled bay and then not getting into a wheelchair can bring with it a few disapproving glances. Mumsnet picked this article up as blog of the day in March 2016. Thanks for staring. Disabled Parking and Me.




My Top 5 on Instagram in 2016:

My top 5 Instagram pictures are all very recent due to my increased focus on growing my Instagram follower. As I have focused more, I have learnt how to get noticed better.

5: Oh no!! This picture (which I admitted at the time) was not even taken my me! A gorgeous shot taken by my sister that needs no description.

4: My gorgeous boy in his cobbled together Christmas jumper that I made at 10pm the night before takes this spot.

3: My super talented boy takes number 3 on his new bike. This photo accompanies my blog post about choosing a child’s bike and was also picked up by an Instagram hashtag and chosen as it’s featured image. That was a lovely compliment.

2: 3 gorgeous boys on a freezing day out in Yorkshire. Myself and the lovely Harriet from Toby and Roo met up again and went on a Gruffalo hunt. The boys explored, got muddy and had a great time.


Look at these little angel boys ‍♂️. We had a fabulous day at Dalby Forest with Rueben, Toby, Edith and Harriet of @tobyandroo and I came away with an even greater respect for this working Mama and her brood ‍‍‍ Little Edith was not feeling herself and had a good old cry and grumble, whilst in the carrier, right into Harriets ear for maybe an hour. All 3 boys had their moments be it clambering in ankle high mud, sliding down massively steep hills or arguing over sticks or the Nerf Dog ball thrower (that was my fault- sorry ) but Harriet was so patient. Having one child ‍♂️ is truly a dream. I always wanted 3 or 4 kids ‍‍ and for a long time I mourned the fact that I would be stopping at one, but, having been a nanny for 4 kids and seeing my friends with more than one, has made me realise how easy I have it. Being a parent is hard. Being a chronically ill single mum is hard and being a working Mummy of 3 kids, 5 and under is bloody exhausting. Harriet, you are far too hard on yourself. You are a fab Mum with gorgeous, lovely, kind children. Go and follow her peeps. You’ll not regret it EDIT: I forgot to tell you how I got such gorgeous smiles……’boys, say Mummy’s done a big fart ‘ Works every time

A photo posted by H a n n a h (@_hannahspannah_) on

1: My most popular photo in terms of likes was this one of Bella, our Labrador and my son’s handy work!

My top 5 views on YouTube videos published in 2016:

5: We were very kindly invited to visit BlueStone National Park in Wales during the run up to Christmas 2015 however our video wasn’t published until early 2016. We loved it and indeed went back to visit again in June under our own steam. It’s a wonderful place.



4: For 6 months, Bear was a member of the BigJigs Play Patrol and received some fabulous toys to review. These cardboard bricks have been popular with us and for viewers to watch.



3: A remote control car that requires science to make it run? Yes, it exists. A brilliant car from the popular Project Mc2 series that you fuel with water was happily tested by the boy. It even produces steam from the exhaust!



2: Oh my days. My freezer stopped working and saved the day by offering me an American Fridge Freezer to review. A good couple of thousand people have watched this before making their purchase.


1: Were invited to a party at Smiggle in Leeds and my Vlog of our day, shopping haul and goodie bag unboxing has been the most popular video made this year.



Last but not least and in no particular order

My top 5 8 bloggers to follow in 2017

The above ladies are powerhouses in their own ways and rights. I’ve met all but one (Stevie – we must meet in 2017!) but I know that if I needed any support or help, I could turn to them. Each blog grabs me and interests me due to their writing, photography, everyday life, health, creativity, the good bits, the bad bits and everything in between. You’ll never be stuck for something interesting to read.

Ellie – The Mummy Diary

Steph – Mental Parentals

Jen – Mum in the Madhouse

Harriet – Toby and Roo

Hannah – Budding Smiles

Donna – What the Redhead Said

Vicky – Single Mother Ahoy

Stevie – A Cornish Mum


I hope you have a wonderful start to the New Year and thank you for all of your support. Here’s to 2017.



  1. Oh Hannah, it means so much to me that you’ve featured my little blog, thank you lovely!! Your doll post in particular is one of my favourite blog posts of the year and I think you’re a rest writer and a wonderful woman. Happy new year!xx

    1. Thank you lovely and it’s a pleasure. You’ve always been so friendly when we’ve met x

  2. Thanks for including me on your next years list – fingers crossed for a great year for us both! Good luck with your jump xx

  3. Thank you for including me in this lovely 🙂 You’ve so made me smile today! Definitely need to meet this year, I need Britmums to be on the Saturday so that I can actually go. Love your round up here 🙂

    Stevie xx

  4. I loved your article on Breastfeeding – it is such an emotive subject for lots of people and I must admit I sometimes feel awkward talking about it incase I upset someone.
    It’s great to look back at your best bits and I have found a few new bloggers too !

  5. Thanks for sharing with us your top posts and pics. There’s certainly some lovely bloggers featured too. #weekendblogshare

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