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A Summer Fun Day | Cotton Traders #CTSummerdays

A Summer Fun Day with Cotton Traders

On Saturday, Bear was so excited. He didn’t know what we were doing, but at this point, he didn’t care as he was so excited that we were going on a train! We caught the train to Leeds, hopped in a taxi and arrived at a Family Summer Fun Day that we had been invited to attend, by Cotton Traders. They are celebrating a century of Great British Summer’s and we were very happy to help them as I love their classic style and have a few of their pieces in my wardrobe. Their crease resistant, wrinkle free shirts are a life saver for me if I need to pull a pretty shirt out of the wardrobe at short notice – they always look great!



We entered the room and found 4 or 5 other bloggers and families there already. Bear immediately clocked the activities and so after settling in, we were off. 




The first activity was a paint your own kite kit. I’d never seen one but its such a great idea. We got busy and thoroughly enjoyed it.


kite collage



Next, Bear decided to get some practice in on the ‘Hook a duck’ stall, before the proper competition. No cheating whatsoever. No way. Nope……..!! He loved it!



hook a duck collage



There was also a retro steady hand activity. I gave it a go but was rubbish. Bear was surprisingly determined to conquer it. I thought he would give up after a few failed attempts but I should have had more faith – he tried so hard and did surprisingly well.




A delicious BBQ lunch was provided for us all and it was so good. Bear had a cheeseburger and salad whereas I thoroughly enjoyed the proper baked potatoes, different salads and ‘slaws and the best corn on the cob I’ve ever tasted. Dessert was a child’s idea of heaven – do it yourself ice cream cones with sweets, sprinkles and sauces. Very sticky, very messy but very yummy. The adults got in on the action as well.


bbq icecream


After lunch, the proper Hook a Duck competition took place and the children got prizes for every go and even I won a snazzy flower garland to wear! Bear won a flower garland, a bouncy ball, some bubbles and a blow up microphone. He may have slightly taken advantage of Audrey and Beth’s generosity and I had to declare ‘no more prizes’ if he played anymore as he’d have cleaned them out!

We had fun with the photo props and then all the children began to play together with their prizes. I love how children can become friends so quickly and easily. 




Before we knew it, it was time to go but not before a surprise. The kite decorating was actually a competition and Bear’s kite had been voted as the winner. Wow! He was so surprised! I said ‘you’ve won sweetheart, your kite has won’ and he just said ‘why?’ Bless him. So not only had he won so many fun things on the hook a duck, but he went home with a fabulous wooden skittles set. What a lucky boy.


winning kite
The Winning Kite



I want to say a big thank you to Cotton Traders for inviting us and to Audrey, Beth and anyone else that helped to organise such a fun filled day. They have also written a post about the day where you can find more information about the Century of Summers. It was lovely to catch up with Zena from Zena’s suitcase and to meet the bloggers and families behind  It’s Adam Again, Dad Who Blogs, Married to a geek and A Blokes Eyeview.




Disclosure: We were invited to this event but were not asked to write about it, I chose to because it was such a fun day!


  1. Looks like a fun day was had by all. 🙂
    I love the idea of making your own kites, how fun and creative would that be? Congrats to Bear for winning!

    1. Thank you! It really was lovely and we’ve flown the kite a little so it works too. He’s a very lucky boy!

  2. Omigoodness! I don’t know who looks like they’re having more fun — you or Bear! I was the kind of Mom who didn’t really enjoy doing ‘kid stuff’, but I think I would have had a swell time at this place. You are right; the glitter tattoo alone would make it all worthwhile. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos! xoxo Oh, and for hosting #weekendblogshare (!)

    1. Thank you lovely! It was so nice to go somewhere where so much thought had been put into it. I bet you would have enjoyed it. Shame about the distance!

  3. Looks like a lovely day out, and those salads look amazing. N loves hook a duck too – it never seems to last long though so at fairgrounds etc, I avoid it.

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