Stickibox Car Review

stickibox car review

You know us, we love a bit of crafting and imaginative play. So we were very excited to do a Stickibox car review.

Watch us in action!

The package arrives, flat packed and appealing in a nice carry box that you can fold the car back into when it’s not in use. 


When you open the box and make the car, it is essentially, the greatest toy of all, a cardboard box, but with a difference. It has a perforated bottom so that your child can either sit inside it or pop the bottom out and they can ‘wear’ the car and using the handles that are cut into the sides, they can zoom around the house.

You also get a pack of accessories to make it look more like a car with 4 wheels that you attach with rivets, sticker numberplate to personalise, a steering wheel that you also attach wth rivets and a dashboard of dials. 

 First of all, I asked Bear what he wanted to do, and the answer was PAINT! There was no deliberation, it was going to be his favourite colour, red. As this was the case, I suggested we make a fire engine as I knew I had duck tape in silver and yellow.


So, we painted. Whilst Bear had a nap due to an ear infection, I finished off the engine as a surprise. stickibox

When he woke up, he was really happy and immediately sat in it to eat his snack. He played for quite a while, just sat stationary and imagining himself driving, jumping out and attending to fires. He played like this a few times over a couple of weeks and then I reminded him that if he would like, we could remover the floor and then he would have the choice to continue playing like he was or to run around.

He immediately asked me to remove the bottom and that was that, he was off. He ran in and out of the garden in it, al around the house, picked up props to help with his role play and even ran up the street when given the opportunity!



I get so much pleasure, seeing him play with something that we both made together and something so simple with no electric buttons, sounds, lights and all the rest. Just good honest, imagination building, independent play. I often sit down with him to play or take him out but it is really important for him and children in general, to learn how to entertain themselves, relieve their own boredom and tap into their imaginations and the Stickibox car really helps with this. 

I think the Stickibox car would make a great gift, would be a perfect activity for a rainy half term or a really nice bonding gift and activity.





*Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review but as ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My niece would love this! She’s kind of a tomboy and my sister is not big on pushing princesses (boo! I love princesses) so she would appreciate this as well. I think I have a great Christmas gift idea!

  2. I remember making cars, planes, trains, houses, spaceships, even the TARDIS, etc. from boxes as a child.
    This could be fun to give as a gift…or as you said, rainy day or bonding; looks like fun.
    Dropped by from #WeekendBlogShare Hannah and always happy I did. 🙂
    Hope this weekend treats you and yours kindly. 🙂

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