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Some light relief…fibro style

Morning x

I said in my last post that I would continue the blog with an explanation of how my fibromyalgia feels and what medical intervention I have had so far. I will, in the next post but I was beginning to feel as though I was a moaning Minnie, constantly talking about everything that was wrong with me. 
So, I’ve been seeing a few ‘statement cards’ floating about the internet that relate to fibromyalgia. Some are funny and some you might identify with immediately. I just thought I’d collate them for us all to see. Feel free to copy and save any to use on Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes they can be a lighthearted way of telling your loved ones how you feel, without feeling like you are constantly complaining. 

Let’s kick this off with:


How many times does this happen?!!
Gentle hugs please!! 
Pregabalin, Gabepntin, Fentanyl to name but 3…
I feel soooo lucky everyday that I have to stay in bed. If you ever forget to feel lucky, re- read this….


Oh my god. Can you imagine that? Ah, it sounds like heaven. Please somebody make one? Pretty please? 



Take paracetemol and ibuprofen. 4 times a day. Erm…bog off! I know that it’s good to take these drugs as they do work when taken regularly but pass me the harder stuff and get rid of this pain.


I think I’ll make this my Facebook profile pic. It’s me to a ‘T’


Or for a millisecond you question ‘green is go. Right?’ 


It kills me. ‘But it was just there! I know it. God. You know. We erm you know, last week…..aaaaagh!!!’

This is how we show our strength. Sometimes we need to relax and ahow people how hard it is for us but that’s often very hard to do. 
I’m still labeled crazy no matter what. I think that’s more to do with the fact that I sing songs loudly with my son while at we walk!



Hello ex husband!


Oh just once. Just once let me wake up, open my eyes and feel…yay! Just yay and wow and let’s jump up and do something! 

And relax…

Out of sight, out of mind. Sometimes I talk out loud about how I feel because I can’t always believe all the horrible sensations and symptoms. I don’t want sympathy….



Worlds strongest Fibrowarrier?!


Almost as racy as the original books. Almost….well, maybe not..


Ah. Life with an invisible illness. Yup. 
If I was lying in that hammock I wouldn’t care what anyone thought!
Rest and stay strong

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  1. Love this post hun… I’ve pinched a few for my stash… I also use them to alert peoples as to how I’m feeling… not sure if it works LOL
    hope you’re having an OK kind of day��

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