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Blogging Social Media Stats & Bucket List Update

My blogging social medis statistics update. How did I do this month?

As we entered January, I wrote a bucket list for the year. It’s time to see what, if anything, personal, or with my social media stats, I managed to tick off from January – February 2017. It’s time to update and be accountable, even though it’s just to myself.

It’s time for a Bucket List and Social Media Stats update….

So. I have just re-read my original Bucket List post and kind of went….humph…..I’ve not done so well, have I!


My personal, family and social media Bucket List for 2017. Here's my Bucket List Update from January - February


I thought I had chosen quite achievable things, and I suppose they are, but they are not going to happen unless I make them. To be fair, January. That. January is not my favourite month of the year to be truthful. It goes without saying that most of us are exhausted, have little cash and the weather is dreary, cold, wet and perfect for brewing horrid winter bugs that yes, hit our house. However, although it adds to the stress and lack of money, it is the month of my darling Bear’s birthday and I love the excuse to celebrate him. This year he turned 5 and we had a brilliant swimming party. 

Out of 34 ‘tasks’ on my list, how many have I ticked off or made progress towards achieving?

#3. Publish 3 times a week, minimum, on my blog.

I have not 100% achieved this, but I sort of have. I’m not sure if I can count this but I’ll give it a go. 

I published 13 posts in January, a 4.5 week month. So that is an average of approximately 3 blog posts a week, however, I didn’t technically post 3 times, every week in January.

Week 1, I published 4 times. 

Week 2, I published once.

Week 3, I published twice. 

Week 4, I published 3 times. 

1/2 Week, I published 3 times. 

I’m going to take this as a win. I know it’s not really, but I’m still managing way more than I used to and I’m proud of that. I am at least on the right track to achieve this. I’ve just realised that I need to post 156 times in the year in order to be able to cross this off at the end of the year…….

#4. Go on holiday. Anywhere, anyhow!

My amazing parents want to help Bear and I have some warmth and sunshine this year as it is so good for my health and obviously, anyone’s soul, let alone mine and there are discussions about my Mum, Sister, Bear and I, going to their home in Spain. I cried at the offer. I turned it down. It might happen though.

#9. Vlog more. 

I did this. I vlogged everyday for 8 days. I just didn’t edit the footage or upload it. I then deleted it all. On purpose. Basically, I had a good think and chat with the very successful Mum In The Madhouse who imparted some of her wisdom which has helped me focus and prioritise the many tasks I have to complete.

#13. Go to a couple of blogging conferences.

Blogon conference ticket for May? Booked. On the way to ticking this one off for good.

#22. Reduce my dairy intake.

This is for my own personal reasons, with no judgement of others, but I’m glad to be able to say that I am achieving this daily.

#24. Double my social media stats:


My blogging social media stats update for my monthly bucket list update. How did I do?


This is one of the hardest parts about blogging and doing it with purpose – other than just for fun and for personal reasons. It can be such a slow process – after all, you’re not going to appeal to everyone, and also, there are so many blogs in this great blogosphere, that it can be hard to get noticed. Slowly but surely, I am growing. It’s hard work but I’m going to stay positive and concentrate on one or two platforms at a time and only time will tell.

#32. Reorganise Utility.

Done. The cupboards are clutter free and organised, the work top is clearer the muddy wellies are tidy. I am one happy bunny.



Well, actually, I’ve achieved so much more than I thought this month. I’m now actually wondering if I’m going to be able to achieve as much as this next month? 

I’m so happy that I decided to start a bucket list and in turn, this Bucket List Update to keep track of my achievements, as little as they may be. Life is so fast paced – I do something, finish it and move onto the next thing, hardly pausing to acknowledge what I have done. I lose track of these things and can feel a little inferior or lacking. Yes, my social media stats are lower than many and my growth, slower than others, but the arrow points upwards and that’s a win. I am somehow managing to study, blog, grow my social media and be the best single Mum that I can be, despite my health, although with help from family. For that I am thankful and determined that I will be crossing more off this list.

Thanks for reading


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  1. I think you have done very well this month, some great achievements. Facebook is a hard one to grow, I do struggle with that. I wish i was going to Blogon but it’s on my daughter’s birthday. I also plan to start vlogging too – eek!

  2. Love posts like this. Always so interesting and inspiring to see how others are doing with their goals. And go to Spain, Sweetie. Sounds like you need a break!


    1. Thanks. They may not be the best but I’m learning and improving and doing the best I can x

  3. You’ve actuallt achieved quite a lot! Posting regularly on a blog is so hard. How fun you’ve booked a blogging conference to go to! #weekendblogshare

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