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Bucket List & Blogging Social Media Stats Update | April 2017

As we entered January, I wrote a bucket list for the year. It’s time to see what, if anything, personal, or with my social media stats, I managed to tick off from my last update in February 2017. It’s time to update and be accountable, even though it’s just to myself.

It’s time for a Bucket List and Social Media Stats update….


Our Bucket list:

All the activities that are in colour, are the ones that I have, or sort have, achieved.

#11. Push to sort my health out. 

Now this I am doing, It’s going to be a long and hard process and I have a big blog post to write about it all, but this I am doing. I am pushing and I am going to get somewhere. I am going to improve. Initially, I have slipped backwards but sometimes, this is the process. You get worse before you get better. I am going to achieve this.


#14. Collect Sea Glass at Saltburn.

We’ve done this once this year and my little jar of faded green glass is filling and adding to my little display of beach finds. As the temperature increases, I hope we will visit the beach, any beach, at least once a month. Maybe we’ll fill two jars? The beach is one of Bear’s and I’s favourite places. We have always felt free and calm there. It’s good for our souls.



#23. Reduce Dairy Intake.

Done. Hook, Line and sinker. I’m really happy and proud to say that I am now Vegan. I hope it will help with my health but I made this decision after watching horrific videos on youtube, and my decision was made for animals. That is one wormhole that you don’t want to enter unless you are ready to see the truth. Bear also has had to go Dairy Free as part of his treatment for reflux but that’s a whole other post.



#24. Visit Tropical World, Leeds.

This is one that I am going to say that I’ve met although technically, I didn’t tick this one off. Bear went to Tropical World on a school trip and although he really enjoyed it, he’s not desperate to return. This weekend we visited a very similar, although smaller version called Butterfly World at Preston Park.



#28. Go Crabbing in Whitby.

Again, this is another event that I’m sort of ticking off. Last weekend, at the end of the Easer Holidays, we had an unexpected day at the Seaside when our original plans were thwarted. We were at Scarborough, just down the coast from Whitby and we saw some people crabbing. We asked if they were having any luck and a lovely family said that they were, and that their holiday was over so if we wanted their crabbing kit, we could have it. How generous. 



#33. Reorganise Utility Room.

I did it. It’s much tidier but still isn’t perfect. I think it’s going to be an ongoing thing…..


as you can see…’s pretty tiny and cramped…


As part of my bucket list updates, I am tracking my social media growth. My goal was to double all my stats. 

I am getting close to achieving this with Instagram and I’m really happy but my goodness, it’s really hard work. I don’t want to stop working on Instagram but it’s hard to find the time to spend growing my other channels. 


#24. Double my social media stats:





So we are 4 months into the year. A third of the year is behind us. I should have really ticked off 11 or 12 achievements but really, only 6 have been ticked off. However, 5 more are planned such as a holiday, camping, going to blog conferences, visiting Muker and my AAT in a fashion. 

I may not update in May as not a huge amount will have changed but I’m excited to see where I’ll be next time.

Thanks for reading


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