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smuggle christmas gift haul party

So, a few weeks ago, Bear and I were invited to visit a Smiggle shop in Leeds and enjoy a Christmas party and look at their products which has then led me to creating this Smiggle Christmas Gift Idea’s list. 

We live in a pretty rural part of North Yorkshire and with my son being 4 years old, we don’t often go shopping and so had never come across the brand before. Scandalous. Smiggle ‘where a smile meets a giggle’ is a brilliant stationary brand and the shops are like an Aladdin’s cave of scented, sparkly, bright, fun and fabulous gifts and must haves. However, if you don’t have one near you, you can order on line. Win.


smuggle christmas gift guide


The party was held inside one of their stores and my son spent ages looking at the individual products. Some caught his attention for what seemed like hours. The children and indeed the adults, were all quite excited at the chance to pick up and check out the different stationary items. All the different scented rubbers took me back to my childhood and so many things would have made my childhood self’s dreams come true. 


smuggle christmas gift guide
Who doesn’t want Macaron rubbers?


Bear was mesmerised by one particular product and to be truthful, so was I. I love a bit of organisation. I love things having a home. I love stationary. I think there was a similar product available when I was a child and I’m pretty sure I loved it as well. A pencil case. With compartments. That flip out when you press a button. And your very own role of sticky tape with a c u t t e r. Holy cow. True story: My Mum used to put a brand new role of sticky tape in our Christmas stocking from Father Christmas and it was one of the best things we got. I was a stationary appreciator from a young age.

Anyway, back to the pencil case of dreams. It has space for pens and pencils that you put in a floppy up holder thing and comes with a pair of surprisingly able plastic scissors, the afore mentioned sticky tape and cutter, a rubber, a pencil sharpener and holder for the sharpenings and then a hidden ruler. 


smuggle christmas gift guide
Look at the pure joy on his face?!!


Now I know that lots of products look very girly and pink but there are lots of gender neutral and different palette options available. Bear fully appreciates the full rainbow of colours and I’m so proud that he doesn’t see ‘girls’ things or ‘boys’ things.


smuggle christmas gift guide


We had a great time at the Smiggle party. The staff were so welcoming and friendly and the brand was so incredibly generous. 

Whilst we were there, I let Bear choose some things to buy. He took that as carte blanche to perform a type of supermarket sweep with his shopping basket which I sadly had to edit and return one or two things to the shelf but he was so good. I explained that as it was so close to Christmas, I would buy some things but that I would need to put them away until Christmas. He agreed to this and I was a little bit nervous as to whether he would truly be ok with this later on but I needn’t  have worried as he has been so grown up and well behaved. He was also surprised with an A M A Z I N G goodie bag that has also gone away until the big day. However, we did make a little video before hand so that you can see the brilliant pencil case in action and some of Smiggle’s other incredible products.



smuggle christmas gifts party haul



Thanks to Smiggle for the invite and fabulous gifts.


Hannah Spannah 2016


Disclosure: Smiggle did invite us to visit their shop and gave us a fabulous goodie bag however I was under no obligation to write about the brand, I just chose to as we loved discovering a new source of goodies.



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  1. I would have cried with joy going into a stationary shop like this! And that pencil case I so remember them when I took them to school and it was such a proud moment. Sadly it wouldn’t last enough days!
    #weekendblogshare. I am sorry I am late but somethings got in the way!

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