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My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday #9

my slimming world weight loss Wednesday

Welcome to ‘My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday’ Week number 8.



Oh for goodness sake. What can I write in this post?! I feel as though I am just writing for the sake of it as everything is so boring.

I have to stand up and admit that I haven’t been tracking what I’m eating. I am eating really healthily but I am having a few too many snacks that might be taking me over the syns allowance. My health is still playing it’s part in my weight loss or gain. The gastro issues that I face are messing everything up, blah, blah blah but there might be a possibility that I will need steroids or a change in medication which could make losing weight even harder but I still want to lose weight regardless. I can’t give up and accept that I won’t be slimmer or that I might even out weight on. 

So this week. It’s only half a lb or even less but it’s taken me into the next lb and so technically, this week, I have out a lb on. Boo, I have to take one out of my jar. 

I’m not going to publish my weight as I hate how much I weigh so I have stated how many lbs I want to lose instead. My jar below is to ‘fill’ with buttons, each one representing a lb. 

My goal weight loss is: 20 lbs.

Current Weight loss : 8 lbs

23rd November 2016 Weigh in = 1lb gained

lbs left to lose: 12 lbs

slimming world weight loss





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