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My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday #6

my slimming world weight loss Wednesday

Welcome to ‘My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday’ Week number 5.

Last week was a ‘bad’ week. Not so much as I gained weight – I was a LOT heavier than the week before but it wasn’t down to my diet, but down to my health conditions. I took the pressure off by not weighing in officially as I knew that it would derail my success unnecessarily. 

This week was an in between week. I struggled with feeling bloated and in pain and went back to hardly eating, snacking and not eating proper meals. My weight loss is so much better when I eat properly but eating a full portion can leave me in a lot of pain. Aargh! What to do! I’ll find my way. At least there was no baking this week for the bake off, to derail me. I did have an appointment with a gastroenterologist on Monday and I have a colonoscopy booked for next Thursday (oh joy) but at least it means that we should get to the bottom of things soon (excuse the pun).

So how did I do this week?

Well, I have lost at least 5 lbs between this week and last (I know I said I didn’t weigh in but of course I did, I just ignored it!) and in the end, I have stayed the same as two weeks ago and I’m happy with that

I’m not going to publish my weight as I hate how much I weigh so I have stated how many lbs I want to lose instead. My jar below is to ‘fill’ with buttons, each one representing a lb. 

My goal weight loss is: 20 lbs.

Current Weight loss : 9 lbs

9th November 2016 Weigh in = Maintain

lbs left to lose: 11 lbs




11bs left to lose and that’s ok. I know how to do it, I just need my health to allow me to do it!  How did you do?




Hannah Spannah 2016





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  1. Yey for getting back on track love – it’s hard to maintain at the best of times but you have done well to regain some ground! Hoping that the appointments go well and shed some light for you! Keep going love, you can do it! Hope you can join in with #WeightLossWednesday this week! Sim xx

  2. Sorry to hear that you’re having some health problems, I hope they can figure out a solution for you.

    Great job for maintaining though – we all have bad days and weeks and it’s all about getting back on the bandwagon!

  3. Hi Hannah. Battling with health problems particularly when you’re trying to figure out what exactly is wrong is tough at the best of times so well done on maintaining and those 9 buttons in your jar look really positive so focus on them and smile 🙂

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