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My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday #5

my slimming world weight loss Wednesday

Welcome to ‘My Slimming World Weight Loss Wednesday’ Week number 5.


Ok, so this post isn’t going to take me long and we are going to have to address a couple of issues so bear with me.

It’s week 5 of my weight loss journey and at the same time, I have recently transitioned into becoming a vegetarian after toying with it my entire life.

I also have a couple of chronic health conditions. During pregnancy, I developed serious back and pelvis issues and spent the remaining weeks on crutches and in a wheelchair before needing a c section. I then developed Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis, M.E (chronic fatigue) and I am currently counting down the days before I have my first investigation into the possibility of having Crohn’s Disease. It’s a camera and it goes….erm….yes, t h e r e.

The problem that has sabotaged my weightless this week is that I take 3 different pain killers, every day. Well, one of them is a patch that I wear on my arm, like a nicotine patch, and it releases a steady dose into my blood stream 24hrs a day. However, I think most of us know that most medication have side effects and all 3 pain killers have the same side effect – they stop from you from being able to go to the loo. So, I take another 2 medications purely to combat the side effects of the first 3. Marvellous. Except for some reason, one of these medications was not in my pre prepared tablet trays this week and so for 4 or 5 days, I’ve watched my weight jump up in a spectacular fashion and not 100% realised why. Yes it was half term and yes I did not stick to the plan all the time and I admit that I did have a couple of treats, but not 5lbs worth! I also baked the entire final episode of the Great British Bake Off. Yes, the Signature, the Technical and the Showstopper. I hardly ate any of it though and gave most of it away.




I can be a bit rubbish at remembering if things are regular or not and so I realised that there was an issue, looked at my trays and worked it all out but the problem is that it takes time to reverse this issue. Thats when I double up on one of the medications I take to combat the side effects and add in medication number 3 for this issue. That medication bloats me and makes me hold water to help with…erm…transit…and then if things still aren’t great, I have to add in medication number 4 to combat this issue. I tell you, its a bloody nightmare and right now I am the size of a house, bloated, sluggish, tired and feel like crap. Excuse the pun.

So for these reasons, I have not weighed in. I refuse to as it will demoralise the hell out of me and whatever result I get will not be a true one. It’s already making me sabotage myself and think ‘well, what the hell, there’s no point’ etc. Does anyone else do that to themselves? So, I’ll keep going on my meal plans (that I’ve incidentally stopped writing as it was getting a bit boring and each week is so similar due to me being somewhat restricted by only veggie fare and slimming world friendly at that) and next week, I hope that I will be in the same place as I am now or even lighter. 

I’ll just leave last week’s results here.

I’m not going to publish my weight as I hate how much I weigh so I have stated how many lbs I want to lose instead. My jar below is to ‘fill’ with buttons, each one representing a lb. 

My goal weight loss is: 20 lbs.

Current Weight loss : 9 lbs

12th October 2016 Weigh in = 1 lbs lost 

lbs left to lose: 11 lbs




9lbs in 4 weeks! I’m more than happy with that. I’ll be gutted if I have to take some buttons out so I’d better stick to the plan then. 11 lbs left to lose is still a lot but it’s less than a stone so manageable. How did you do?




Hannah Spannah 2016





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  1. You’re doing well, especially with so much medical stuff to contend with too!
    I can totally understand not weighing in at the moment, sensible decision I think 🙂
    Best of luck to you!

  2. Come on love, you can do it! I didn’t realise how much medication you are on though – coorrrr blimey, I expect you rattle! You poor thing, I can only imagine how you are feeling if you miss any of the tablets. I hope you are having a much better week and are more on track now. I have to admit I do go through those ‘well the damage has already been done’ moments and it is so bloody hard to get back on track. Right move to not stand on the scales but work hard to make the next weight in count – already 9 buttons in that jar and it’s filling up quickly! Right on love! How on earth could you bake all the goodies from the final of GBBO and not really eat them though? That is willpower right there! Hope you are getting on ok with the vegetarian diet and look forward to your next post! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in again this week! Sim xx

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