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First day of term

First day of Term craft

I cannot believe how quickly time is flying but here I am, already writing about the new school term that begins in anything from 3- 5 weeks depending on where you live. In my case, it’s only 4 weeks until my only child starts Primary School. Like a lot of parents, I cannot believe that time has flown so quickly and it will be very bittersweet. I can’t wait to watch him to flourish and grow but I will be so sad that that we’ll now be tied to weekends and holidays.

With this in mind, this month’s craft is one for parents of children starting primary school, to use as a photo prop. The photo that you will take will hopefully make a lovely memento. I’ve made a downloadable version for children that are starting Primary School, that you can customise and add your child’s details to. I plan to make one for the first and last day of every year and so although I’ve not made a printable one for every school year, if your child is returning to school, I hope this gives you some inspiration. 

You will need:

  • Large piece of card ( I used an old gift bag)
  • Pen, ruler and scissors
  • Bostik Blu Tac
  • Glue – I chose Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen
  • Shapes / Numbers / Letters to stick on the frame
  • Glitter Glue – I used Bostik Glitter Pens
  • First day of Primary School sign

It’s very simple. First of all, download and print the ‘First day of Term’ sign. 

On the back of the card, stick the sign on with blue tac to hold it in place and then mark the corners and measure a border around the sign – I made ours 4cm wide. Cut around the outside edge. Find a way to mark the corners on the front side so that you know where to stick the printed sign – I pressed hard with a ball point pen on the back which left an indent on the front that I could see when I turned it over. 

First day of Term

Stick your printed sign on and let your little one loose to decorate the frame. Depending on how far you make it in advance, you might want to personalise it on the day just incase your child changes their mind! I made one for his Pre-school days too and I love how his career aspirations have changed. I took each photo on the doorstep and you can see the height difference between the start and end of term which is also nice.

First Day of Term

First day of term


I hope you like the craft


Version 2






Back to school with Bostik


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