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Rainbow Raindrops Craft with Bostik

Rainbow Raindrops

Ok. So. I have to confess, this Bostik craft is so very late. It was due in May. Oops. Some of you know that Bear had a horrible accident that required surgery to his left hand. Being left handed, this made crafting, and indeed most things, very hard, if not impossible. He also just wasn’t in the mood. I know that I could have done the craft one night but I don’t see the point – I want Bear to have all these opportunities to stick and cut and are something that he is proud of.

The theme for May was Rainbow and so we decided to make something a little bit different. Bear has learnt that sunshine and rain = a rainbow but we don’t always find one. I though I would reinforce that knowledge and make a pretty hanging craft.

You will need:

Paper plate, cotton wool and we used Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Pen for the cloud,

Circle of card, yellow pipe cleaners/straws/strips of card and tissue/crepe paper and glue for the sun,

4 red, 4 orange, 4 yellow, 4 green, 4 blue and 4 purple raindrops of felt or card, string or cotton thread and glue for the raindrops.


Now you need to get sticking. Cut the paper plate in half and glue cotton wool to it.

Cut a smaller circle out of the other half of the paper plate and stick your sun rays onto it and then cover the circle and bottom of the rays with crepe paper or tissue paper. This will also help hold everything in place.

Cut different lengths of your string or cotton and then sandwich one end in-between 2 pieces of raindrop.

PicMonkey Collage

When you have finished all your raindrops and all the parts have had time to dry, it’s time to put it all together.



The it’s time to be proud and find somewhere to hang it. We used Bostik Blu Tac for this.



We hope you liked this months craft.




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