Project MC2 Mckeyla’s Glitter Light Bulb | Review

Project MC2 Mckeyla Doll Glitter Lightbulb Review

This is the third Project Mc2 product that we have been sent to review. Yes, the series is about 6 high school girls that become secret agents and use their science and tech skills to save the day, but, that doesn’t mean that they are just for girls. Each doll or accessory comes with a S.T.E.A.M activity that anyone will enjoy.

Project MC2 Mckelya’s Glitter Lightbulb.

Mckelya comes with a brilliant activity to engage and excite your children. A Glitter Lightbulb to fill and re-use and science to learn.


Project MC2 Mckelya Doll Review Glitter Lightbulb


If you take the S.T.E.A.M: (S) Science (T) Technology (E) Engineering (A) Art (M) Math out of the equation, the doll is a really well made doll with knees and arms that bend and pose and a really cute outfit, removable clothes and very long hair. She comes with an owl backpack that you can open and close that is easily put on and taken off and a little hair comb in the shape of a scientific flask. 


Project MC2 Mckeyla Doll Review with Glitter Lightbulb
How cute is the ‘Pug Life’ shirt?!


As I mentioned before, each doll comes with an experiment for you to complete at home, again and again. Mckeyla, in this instance, comes with a Glitter Lightbulb and instructions to teach you how to turn it into a beautiful nightlight. The outside of the box shows clearly how to complete the experiment and what you will need to buy.


Project MC2 Mckeyla Doll Review with Glitter Lightbulb experiment


Bear isn’t one to stand on ceremony, so, no sooner was the box open, than he wanted to make the glitter light. Sure I say, wondering if we had any Glycerine left over from making snow globes at christmas?

The answer was no, but I didn’t let that stop us. Take a look at the video to see what I used instead. You can easily buy glycerine in the supermarket, on the baking isle but if you forget I bet you will have what we used in your cupboard already. Our first attempt was a bit of a disaster but learn from our mistakes and you’ll be fine!


Like all the other Project Mc2 products that we have reviewed – the Ember doll with Terrarium and the H2O car, we think Mckeyla and her glitter light bulb experiment are great and would make a perfect gift. The things that you need for the experiment are written on the packaging which helps you be prepared in advance and anything that encourages exploration and experimentation are hits for us.

Thanks for reading

Hannah Spannah



  1. We reviewed this doll and have to admit that Mini Me loved the light more than the doll! She still plays with it even now – we did put quite a lot of glitter in there! :/ Sim x #weekendblogshare x

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