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You may have seen that a few weeks ago, Bear was sent the Project Mc2 H2O car to review and the Ember doll is part of the same series. The car is an amazing remote control car that runs on w a t e r (and batteries) and produces steam as it’s driven around. 

Project Mc2 is a Netflix program based around 6 high school girls that become secret agents who use their science and tech skills to save the day. 

Each item of merchandise that runs along side the show, has their own element of science or tech. The car, as I mentioned, needs water to complete the circuit that makes the lights turn on and the car actually work. Ember, or her full name Ember Evergreen, is a girl from the south who grew up on a popcorn farm. She has a green thumb and classes herself as a force of nature. See what they’ve done there? Clever.


Project MC Ember Doll Review


With Ember, you get a really cute hanging terrarium and stand. We had a look through the box for the things that we needed but sadly, none of the things required for the terrarium are included. I was a little disappointed by this as it doesn’t say on the box that you will need to buy any of the required ‘ingredients’, it just says ‘get your Terrarium, add ricks, add soil, plant seeds, water and watch it grow (again and again). I’m not sure how many parents would be happy for their children to open the doll, want to do the science but then find that they have to go out and buy things in order to do so. It kind of just makes it a doll that you are buying and an idea. I would welcome a little pack of pebbles, soil, seeds etc but I know that it might cause issues with a best before date or maybe there are restrictions on supplying these things?


terrarium project mc ember doll review


Don’t get me wrong, I like the doll for it’s own reasons – I love that she’s laid back and not in any crazy inappropriate clothes. My son found it funny that she has painted white pants and I liked that she had socks as well as her boots as most dolls just wear shoes and I like things that are more like real life in that sense. She’s very posable as her shoulders rotate, her elbows and knees bend and her hand turn. This makes her great to fit into the H2O car and also wherever your child might like to try and put her. She also comes with an opening back pack that the children can put on and off themselves. 

Thankfully, we had everything that you need except some activated charcoal (what?) and so we were able to fill the terrarium immediately. I took a cutting from a succulent that I already had (please let it take), moss from this also, a bit of compost and some sand from the sand pit.

Bear really enjoyed putting it together and he proudly pt it on the window sill, facing out so that people who walk past pour house can see it.


project mc ember doll terrarium review


So in conclusion, I love the doll and the idea. I love that the aim is to make science and technology accessible to all but I think that if the necessary ingredients aren’t provided, the doll will get played with and with busy lifestyles not always allowing for trips to the garden centre and so the science could get over looked. 

Embler as a doll is lovely. The science is great, I just think a shopping list needs to be added to the outside of the box or the supplies, supplied.

Here’s an unboxing and setup video and you can see Ember in the Project Mc2 H2O car that we also reviewed. 



Thank you for reading 


Hannah Spannah 2016



  1. That is a bit disappointing that it doesn’t come with the required materials for the terrarium. I have bought T the bath bomb one for Christmas – hope that comes with the necessary kit as I have no idea what’s in a bath bomb!
    Ember is a lovely doll though and I wish I’d seen you review about the car before now as it sounds amazing. Have bought T a Barbie car that doesn’t do anything!! X

    1. I’ve just had a quick look on line and you need to buy bicarbonate of soda, citric acid (maybe amazon) and a couple of other things. It is a shame that they don’t come with these bits and bobs though. They definitely need to add a shopping list on the box x

  2. Love that the doll is wearing nice and normal clothes, but I would be a little disappointed in the terrarium requiring extra stuff not included #weekendblogshare

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