Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean

Professor scrubbington's Emporium of CleanProfessor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean


When I found the little bottle of goodness at the bottom of my bag, I didn’t think much of it. I liked the name and everything but its a bottle of handwash. For kids. 

However, when I actually had the time to look at it and check out their website, I realised that they are actually quite special. What I love about Professor Scrubbington products is that they are made from 98% natural ingredients. That’s becoming more and more important to me due to the experiences I have. 

Due to my illness, I have had some morphine pain relief patches that I wear on my arm. There are ads for nicotine patches, you can have contraceptive patches and goodness know what else will come in the future. So, if your body can absorb the things through your skin, what chemicals are we absorbing unintentionally when we use personal hygiene products?

The professor Scrubbington range consists of a Pump action, Magically Foaming Hand and Body Wash, Magically Foaming Hair and Body Wash, a Magically Foaming Shampoo, Magically Foaming Conditioner and finally, a Magically Fragrant Deodorant.

All the products smell gorgeous. They have a fresh, almost herby fragrance. I find it addictive. We’re on our second bottle of hand and face wash as its now a permanent product in our bathroom. I need another for my kitchen. Little man loves it because he can manage the pump alone, the soap comes out as a foam, just like the ones you get out and out which makes it really appealing to him and I love the fact that it stays on his hands and doesn’t drip straight off in to the sink before he rubs his hands together.

We use it throughout the day but also every night in the bath or for a hand and face wash before bed. My sister loves it so much that when she stays over, she uses it to wash her face as it is so gentle and does a good job. She’s got me using it too now. 

Professor scrubbington's Emporium of Clean
Professor Scrubbington’s Handwash

We also have tried their Magically Foaming Shampoo and Magically Foaming Conditioner. 

I used them on little man’s hair and it made his hair really nice and soft and not too fluffy but I thought the best way to review it was to use it myself. I have long, below shoulder hair and used both the Shampoo and Conditioner when we went swimming last week. 

My hair felt really clean with only a couple of pumps of foam and the conditioner did it’s job without weighing my hair down too much or making it greasy. I’d definitely recommend them and they have the same fragrance as the handwash. Lovely. It now means that I don’t have to take two lots of hair care products when we go swimming as I’ll use these as well. We also tried the Magically Foaming Hair and Body Wash as a soap and it got rid of all traces of the chlorine and as I forgot any body lotion, I found that it didn’t dry my skin out. In the future, I can save the Shampoo for home and just take this and the conditioner when we go swimming and reduce the amount of things that we have to carry with us! 

Professor scrubbington's Emporium of Clean
Professor scrubbington’s Shampoo and Conditioner

The final product is a roll on Magically Natural Roll On deodorant and one that I was really interested in. As we apply it every day and it is designed to stay on our skin all day, it’s a product that I have been looking for a more natural alternative of when considering the chemicals our skin may or may not absorb.

Little man is only 3 years old and so isn’t in need of this yet obviously, and so I was a willing tester. I applied it to clean skin on a day that I was going to be out and about all day. I was wearing a couple of layers and in and out but was really happy. I didn’t find that I sweat at all and there was not a hint of odour, just the same lovely smell from the deoderant. I will personally be buying this as my deodorant from now on and when little man is older, I’ll buy it for him too.

Professor scrubbington's Emporium of Clean
Professor scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean Roll On

I’ve been really impressed with all of the products from Professor Scrubbingtons. I’m so happy to have been introduced to such a great company. Thank you Prof, I’ll feel a lot better about using these things on my son’s body and hair and my own too.

If you are interested in trying Proffesor Scrubbington’s products, I have two ways to help you. Number 1 is a discount code and Number 2 is a competition.

The Scrubbinton’s Discount code is BM20. Click here to use it on their site.

To enter my competition to win the same set as I was sent in a fabulous suitcase style box, click here

Good luck and enjoy!




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  1. I haven’t heard of these products before. They all look very good. I like the hand and face wash. My problem is that I’m always worry of the products that I will use with my girls as they both suffer of eczema and I need to be very careful what they use. They actually have a prescribed cream from the GP. But it looks like it has done wonders to you!! I will definitely try the Handwash. Great giveaway! Thanks so much for joining me at #KCACOLS . I would love if you can join me again on Sunday! 🙂 xx

    1. Oh your poor girls. I completely understand your hesitation as even natural products can cause a flare. My son has very mild eczema but the products haven’t caused any issues. X

  2. I’ve read about this brand before and I have a bottle sitting in our bathroom that we are yet to try. Looks like it’s a great product that I’m now very excited to start using. #KCACOLS

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

    1. Fabulous. I do truly love it. The smell is right up my street and it’s fab for taking make up off!

  3. I got a bottle of the hand/facewash at Britmums but it is still sitting in our bathroom. We all have sensitive skin so I was worried about having a reaction to it. I think I’ll give it a go now though, after reading what you thought of it. The deodorant sounds appealing too. I think the packaging is very special. #KCACOLS

    1. It’s great. Try it on your hands or least sensitive area first. I hope you don’t have a reaction. My little man has mild eczema and has had a painful reaction to a moisturiser in the past but this has been perfect on every part of his body x

    1. That would be fabulous if it were. I wonder if you have anything similar? Thanks for your comment x

  4. These sound like lovely products. My toddler is obsessed with using handwash so she’d love this. As you say, good to know there is a natural deodorant available for when kids start using it. #FindTribe

    1. Oooh, you’re lucky! I have to hold my son down to wash his hands sometimes! He loves to be grubby!

  5. I’ve seen a couple of reviews for this brand now and I really like the sound of them – especially the foaming washes. Soap is always so much more fun when it’s foam!

    1. You’re right Jessica! Little man still loves the fact that it foams. Simple things!

  6. Never heard of them before but I like the look and the info! I also like your cover photo with the hearts – is that an app? I’ve entered the comp – thanks x #FindTribe

    1. I’m really glad! I made the picture using pic monkey. I think it was in the bokeh section. I didn’t want the picture to show too much flesh!

  7. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I love the sound of it 🙂

    I too like to find things that are natural. My son has eczema, so I’m a bit nervous to let him try new products, but I might have to give it a try!

    Laura xx


    1. Oh I totally understand where you are coming from. Flares can be so hard to get under control. At least you know about the products and how natural they are if you do ever look to try something new.

  8. Their name alone is pretty much a winner for me. Will definitely have to check them out… once I’ve got through the mountains of Johnson’s Baby that is clogging up my bathroom! #FindYourTribe

    1. Ha ha ha! I remember that I had a bottle of Johnson’s baby shampoo in my bathroom for about a year! I was so excited when I could buy something different as we’d finally used it all! I love the name too. They are a really friendly company too 🙂

  9. I haven’t heard of this brand either. You make a good point about not knowing how our skin absorbs chemicals, and that is quite worrying. I shall be checking out your links.

    1. Thanks Karen. It’s something I think about more and more. I don’t want to become neurotic about things but if I can find a more natural alternative that I love, why not 🙂

  10. I hadn’t heard of Professor Scrubbingtons before reading this post. I love the fact that the products contain 98% natural ingredients – this is really important to me. And having fine hair, I’m always on the lookout for hair products that don’t make my hair greasy (which can be very difficult!) Will definitely try these products for the kids and myself #FindTribe

    1. Oh great. I was so pleasantly surprised. My hair can get greasy so easily too so I hope it’s good for your hair too 🙂

  11. I’ve heard a few good things about these products and I just love the name! I’ve not seen them in any shop near my so I might have to have a nosy on their website using your discount code! #findtribe

  12. I have never thought about what products i put on my skin, i am forever using various soaps, anti wipes/gel and lotions. This post has me thinking now about i put on (into) my skin. Thank you for sharing Hannah #FindTribe

    1. Thanks for your comment. I never thought about it until I started the pain relief patches but I’m starting to be more careful with little man first x

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