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Pre – School Valentine Crafts


Pre – School Valentine Crafts!

I was going to say ‘Morning’ to you as I’ve not had my breakfast yet but a quick look at the clock tells me that it’s 2pm and indeed, afternoon. So, afternoon to you all. Little man is nearly a week into a humdinger of a virus and flits between restless, tired, bored and needing entertaining.

When this month’s Bostik box of craft goodies arrived, it was obvious that the craft supplier had a theme in mind as it was a glorious box of pink, red, glitter and hearts.

We dove in and like a magpie, ‘A’ went straight to the sparkles and glitter. I wanted to let him do some craft without direction and I saw a polystyrene heart. I never know what to do with these shapes when I see them in a craft store but I decided little man could just do something simple and effective.

We took the heart, Bostik’s great glitter glue pens, a piece of ribbon, a pen and a container to squirt the glitter glue in.


First, I crossed over the ends of the ribbon to make a loop, glued it in place on the top of the heart and then pushed a pin through to secure it.

Then, I squirted out glitter glue, gave little man the paint brush and sat back and watched. He really enjoyed the messy aspect, the colours and sparkle, the fact that he could do whatever he wanted and manage it on his own and is really proud of the finished product. I’d be more than happy to wake up to that on Valentines day!



Next, we decided that our long-suffering Nanna needed a present to show her how much we love her and appreciate all that she does to help us. Nanna’s two favourite being’s are little man and Bella, our shared Labrador. We decided to make a photo frame.

First I chose my picture and printed it out. That was the basis of all the measurements. I then used my ruler to decide on the width of the frame sides and cut it out. Although I traced around the photo, I then drew another smaller square inside this, about 4mm smaller on all sides, so that the picture wouldn’t fall through the frame hole.

We took the lovely collage bits that arrived and used the Bostik white glue to apply everything. The great thing is that it dries clear, even on this mirror paper and so it doesn’t matter if your children are a little heavy-handed.

You could of course use anything that you have to hand, let them glitter attack the frame and cut your own shapes out of felt or foam or paper to stick on but I am really happy with the finished result. To make it stand, I took a length of card, folded it in half and then folded each end in, about an inch or so. After that,  glued one end on to the bottom, stood the frame up to the angle I liked and then glued the other end on higher up. Simple!

PicMonkey valentineCollage


Our last idea for today was a good old collage.

Easy peasy and again, I think it’s so good for children to be able to experiment with art and different textures. I simply cut some shapes from different materials and lengths of ribbon, lay them down for him, gave him glue and a brush and set him off.

He loved it and it will be on the wall for some time to come.

Pic3Monkey Collage

Thanks for reading and I hope we have provided some inspiration.




  1. Gorgeous ideas and it looks like a really fun day together! I recall going through a bit of a fad of making cardboard photo frames as a youngster, so much fun. I can’t wait until my little guy is old enough to do crafty things, just waiting for him to outgrow the need to put everything in his mouth haha!

  2. Hannah Spannah came up with some simple crafts for pre schools including decorating a heart and making it into a hanging decoration.  You can see the tutorial over on her blog  and it looks beautiful nestled among so fresh flowers.

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