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#playfreemylove – This. This is how I want my son to go through and experience his childhood. 

 I’ve been wanting to start my own hashtag and community on Instagram for such a long time but I needed it to be something I am passionate about and feel love towards in order to commit to building and growing.

For over 15 years, I worked as a qualified Nanny and Maternity Nurse all over the world. Playing, educating and helping children learn and grow has always been my passion. In the early years particularly, free play is key. Providing a safe environment and feeling of security for children as a base to set forth from is so important.

Allowing children to decide when, where and what they play, with their own rules and interpretations and simply playing for playings sake helps to build confident, contented children with healthy self esteem. Add a good dose of healthy risk into the mix with the freedom to move and interact socially without being stifled and you’re on to a winner.

So that is why I’ve created this community, and this is how you can be involved. Simply add the hashtag #playfreemylove to any photo’s that you post to Instagram that you feel fit the ethos. 

Children playing with wild abandonment, laughing, being goofy, taking risk, making friends, lost in thought, imaginative play, and not fitting the mould. When a cardboard box becomes a spaceship, when a pan becomes a drum, when your child climbs up the slide instead of sliding down….they are playing freely. #playfreemylove. 

Every Sunday, I will choose my favourite 4 pictures from the week before to share on my Instagram feed and at the end of every month, I will showcase my final 4, best of the best in a blog post, with backlinks if you’re a blogger.

I’m really excited by this and hope to see you there. 









#playfreemylove is a wonderful instagram community, centred around allowing children to be play freely, be it inside, outside, crafting or imagination. Join us!



  1. This sounds fab! I’m trying to get a bit more involved in the IG community so great to hear about a new hashtag to join in with. I love the idea behind it too, my daughter is often lost in thought and going a bit wild when playing so this will suit us very well 🙂 xx

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