Num Noms Collection Series 2 unboxing with surprise Num Nom Lights!

Check out our Num Noms Series 2 Unboxing Roulette Video with a surprise appearance from a brand new Series 1 Num Noms LIghts!

In December, Bear was sent the most amazing selection of Num Noms to take part in the #numnomsadvent and as he loves watching unboxing videos on youtube, he wanted us to make our own version, so I give to you, our Num Noms collection Series 2 Unboxing with surprise Num Nom Lights! 

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about it, check out our first post but beware, Num Noms are addictive! 

If your child likes watching youtube unboxings, we hope you enjoy our roulette style and do give us a thumbs up!




Until the #numnomsadvent advent calendar arrived, we didn’t own any Num Noms but Bear loves his collection now and Father Christmas added to it in his stocking on Christmas Day. Under the tree, he found a fabulous surprise – a newly released Num Noms Lights. These Nums are transparent and the Noms light up and flash! So now we have Gloss ups, Go-Go’s and lights up. We just need a Stamp to complete the Noms collection. 

We were really lucky and thankful for the opportunity to review the Num Noms so thank you!



  1. I am so happy you posted this. My girls are too old for these, and I keep hearing about them, but had no idea what they were. You have solved a mystery for me. Hope you are well #WeekendBlogShare x

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