My Sunday Photo

For the many non bloggers out there, My Sunday Photo is a weekly link that a lot of people join by posting a photo that they have taken that week. I’ve thought about joining in for a while, but time just disappears .

This week, I decided, was my week to join. I’d like to say that I’ll post a photo every week, but I’m not going to as I know that will be sudden death for my ambition!

So, my first ever ‘My Sunday Photo’ is a photo that I have created using two of my pictures. The first is a field that little man and I walked through a week or so ago. We noticed a beautiful Poppy amidst the stubble. It seemed poignant with Remembrance Sunday just around the corner. I left it in full colour. The second photo that I layered, is of local British Forces members, taken this morning, at my village Remembrance Parade and service. I edited this into Sepia.

When you go home, tell them of us and say For their tomorrow, we gave our today.






  1. Brilliant photo editing! A very thoughtful photo combination. Well done! And I love the quote too. x

    1. Thank you Su. At the parade, they broke the minutes silence with that quote. It really moved me.

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