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My Perfect Holiday #markwarnermum


My Perfect Holiday Part 1#markwarnermum

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Holiday’s and priorities change so much over our lives. As a child, it was all about being in the sea. At least 4hrs of snorkelling a day from about 8 years old! As a young adult, it was about sun worshipping during the day and partying at night. As a single twenty something, it was about seeing as much as possible – from the top of mountains to the depths below. As part of a couple, we searched for romantic restaurants and quiet beaches. As a Mummy, with limited physical abilities, it’s all changed but not necessarily for the worse……


My Perfect Holiday as a disabled single Mummy aged 36 and a halmarkwarercollagef years!


 Scuba diving in caves, the unknown, cold and dark,

happily swapped, to play in the park. 


Skiing down mountains, fuelled by Gl├╝hwein,

happily swapped to watch Raa Raa the Lion.


Riding a horse at the pyramids, or a camel with tassels,

happily swapped to build sand castles.


Wind surfing, climbing, searching for great whites,

are all happily swapped for sweet, quiet nights.


Becoming a Mummy means shifting the focus,

from the things that I didto the things that we do.


I don’t mind the change. I welcome it gladly.

It is after all, what I longed for, so badly.


A dream holiday then was all about me,

a dream holiday now, is all about we.


I’ll build the snowman while he learns to ski

and watch as his face lights up with glee. 


I’ll paddle in the shallows as he zooms down the slide,

my heart swelling, overflowing with pride. 


My dream holiday now, is all about him.

Cocktails to Mocktails, boozing to snoozing.

Romancing to dancing with my dream come true. 



1aaaa *This is my entry for the Creative Writing category in the Mark Warner 2016 Ambassador Program. 


  1. Great poem. I used to teach Scuba diving and whilst I do miss it I cannot wait until the girls are old enough to learn so I can show them!

    1. Thank you! I think we’ll have a go at snorkelling this year and see what he thinks

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