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My new dream bathroom

my new dream bathroomMy new dream bathroom.

I love my home. It has the type of character that I know people dream of – pretty wooden windows, beams on the ceiling, massive ones make up part of the walls in my bedroom, a log fire and oak floors. I am so lucky. However, my home used to be rented for a good 10 years and one room that hasn’t really had anything done to it other than a lick of paint and some new taps, is my bathroom.

It’s the smallest room in the house and although a bigger one would be nice, it has enough space for everything I need. However, since my back went and I developed Sero Negative Arthritis, I have struggled with the shower over the bath. I have a lovely and oh so stylish NHS grab rail above the bath and a very sexy bath board that fits over the bath so that I can sit on it but there are a lot of times when I really struggle to climb into the bath. I hate to admit it but I put off showering as long as possible. I used to shower daily, sometimes twice but it is an exhausting event now. There is no way that I could shower on a morning and then go on with my day, it would wipe me out. The only way I can manage it, is to shower at bedtime but by that point I’m exhausted. I wash every day at the sink (I’m not dirty by any means!) but I dream of a shower cubicle that would enable me to shower easier and more often. I have slipped a couple of times when climbing in and out of the bath and that scares me when I’m alone with little man. The bruises really hurt too!

With this in mind, I started dreaming.

This is my bathroom:

bathroom collage

As you can see…..tiny! The door doesn’t open fully as our towels hang on the back of it as there is no wall space. Straight ahead is the sink which is scalloped. Nice once upon a time but bigger than needed and quite dated. A simple glass shelf holds all our tooth paraphernalia and next to it is a free standing cupboard and my lovely bath board. Nice.

To the left of the door, the bath with standard budget tiles and a shower that feeds from the bath taps. Thankfully the water pressure is really good so it’s a good shower. If I didn’t struggle to get in and out, it would be perfect.

The loo is quite old fashioned and takes up a lot of space. All in all, it’s not a bad bathroom but I’d love it to be more modern and fit for purpose.

What I want to do:

I love the space saving toilet and sink unit from the bigbathroomshop.co.uk. I would love to be able to fit that in where the sink and cupboard are now.

space saving sink

If possible, I’d put the space saving bath under my window as they are frosted and I could get a blind instead of the curtains. I personally would be more than happy with just a shower and no bath and little man will cope with that but if I ever sell the house, I worry that families wouldn’t want to buy as babies and little children get so much out of a bath and water play – much more than just getting clean.

space saving bath

If it would all fit, hopefully, that would leave enough space for a small stand alone shower unit and then the wall that the bath is on now, could have a towel rail- heated would be heavenly!

space saving shower

I also love the idea of having the same tiles on the floor and walls – almost like a wet room. I adore the Inverno tiles from tilemountain.co.uk. They are subtle, modern, clean lines etc. Just what I long for.

inverno tiles

That would be my ideal bathroom if it fits. If not, I really like the clean lines of these two suites. One has a shower unit and no bath which would suit me but as I said above, I just don’t know how families would feel with no bath. What do you think? Would you buy a house without a bath if you had pre schoolers or were planning a family?

shower bath suite

My other choice is this gorgeous all in one suite with a shower above the bath. Not ideal with my health but I could not live without a shower! I love the sharp, clean, square lines.

square bath suite

If I chose a different suite,  I might need to choose some different tiles. I love these super shiny, textured tiles that would look amazing with an all white suite, white towels, white everything! Can you buy plain white tooth brushes?!!

white textured tiles

If I stick to grey, these would be my next option. They’re timeless

Grey floor tiles

Follow Hannah Spannah’s board My dream bathroom on Pinterest.

I’m off to measure up. What would you do with my bathroom? Would you pick any of the suites or tiles I’ve chosen?


*This is my entry for #mydreambathroom competition run by Big Bathroom Shop and Tile Mountain*




  1. We rent and the house we are in only has a shower cubicle, no bath. It took O a few weeks to get used to showering instead of having a bath (he is 3) but he loves it now, especially if he gets to hold the shower head himself 🙂 I don’t think it’s as big an issue as people imagine it would be to be honest! And if having a cubicle made it easier for you, then why not? If you sold it on there is nothing stopping the new owner doing up the bathroom to include a bath if they really, really wanted one!

  2. Love the ideas you have collected here! Personally I would (and did) look for a new house with a bath for my kids, but they are only little for a short time and my now 4 year old would be fine with a shower. My 2 year old wouldn’t though! But they are so adaptable it wouldn’t be a big issue. Having a separate shower cubical and a small bath would be the perfect compromise though. Hope you can manage to fit it in, I’m sure you’ll find a way! Becky x

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  4. I am reading this in the bath. My little man is having a nap and this is as close as I get to multi-tasking. I love your ideas (and your blog theme). We have a very small bathroom that we renovated as a matter of urgence as soon as we moved in. We added over 8 sq/ft by knocking through into a rear Hall way and getting rid of the back door. It’s still small though. We went for a short bath so we could achieve the layout we wanted and it is a squash. Without being too graphic I can’t lay down and keep my legs wet. We have a fixed head shower over the bath and a hand held at the taps. It works well but I would have preferred a proper shower at the time and done away with it. The little man (2y10m) has showers now and loves them. He loves a bath too but they’re probably only 1 a fortnight. Before his showers we had an inflatable duck bath which was awesome and would fit in a cubicle. So I reckon if you don’t need a bath you’ll find easy alternatives and probably won’t miss it. Having said that. I am sitting in a bath right now, and it’s lovely 🙂

  5. Oh really nice to see some beautiful ideas for the bathroom .. especially small sized bathroom are hard to renovate with something like you did. Thanks for sharing .

  6. just fantastic all the bathroom ideas are pretty cool i specially like the bathtub.

  7. Wow your dream bathroom idea looking great. specially bathtub are looking cool

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