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Mother’s Day cards review with massive 30% off discount!

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Oh help! It’s Mothers Day THIS WEEK! Aaaaagh! Am I prepared? No I am not. What’s wrong with me?! Since I became a Mother myself, over 3 years ago, I understand just how much a simple card can mean to a Mummy and even more so, I now have an idea of what my poor Mum went through, all those years ago, with half the support that I have. I marvel at how she raised two girls, worked full-time as a District Nurse and did extra training. I just don’t know how she did it and remained standing – I am in awe of you Mum.

However, saying all that, unless I get my bum in gear, she’s not going to have anything to open on Sunday 15th March.

As you may know, I suffer from a whole host of conditions that make it difficult for me to get to the shops. Nearly all of my shopping is done online but I’ve never really found an online card retailer that sells quality, individual cards that match my style.

Thankfully, that’s where ‘Made with Love Designs’ comes in. Made with Love Designs is a boutique Hand Made card supplier that uses luxury materials and offers you a choice of design, font and colour to help you make a unique card for your loved one.

What’s great is that as standard, the have cards for Mummy’s and Mum’s, Gran’s, Nan’s and Grandma’s and also Step-Mum’s which I know can be hard to find.

I was sent two cards to review and I love the choices that they made for me.

Mothers Day Scrabble Rose £3.50

First I opened this beautiful and eye-catching vintage rose / shabby chic card. It can be purchased with either ‘Mum’ or ‘Gran’ on the front for £3.50 (£2.45 using my unique 30% off code), can be personalised with a printed message inside and can be delivered in a stunning presentation box with pink ribbon. It it is even more beautiful in hand. It has been printed on obviously high quality gorgeous pearlescent card and in addition, has an (also pearlescent) stiff paper leaf insert that is often reserved for wedding stationary.

Mothers Day Moon and back card  l £3.50

The second card that I received is the above Moon card with a delicate print, heartfelt statement and modern font. I adore it. The moon is a beautiful light purple and pink and looks almost like a subtle watermark or marble. It is printed on the same beautiful card with paper insert as the first card and comes with a simple brown paper envelope. It is understated and elegant.

This card can be personalised on the front. You could keep the saying ‘I love you to the moon and back’ and add ‘from…..’ or add your own personal message of up to 3 lines of text. As if that wasn’t enough, you can add a personal, printed message inside and choose to have it delivered in a presentation box with white ribbon.

‘I love you to the moon and back’ also retails at a starting price of £3.50 before personalisation and like every product on the website, benefits from my exclusive 30% discount.

I’ve been drooling over the website for sometime Not only do ‘Made with love designs’ sell cards, but they sell ‘Gifts and Pretty’ things, Wedding stationary, Event stationary and wedding accessory’s and have a Furniture and Interior design boutique. Their attention to detail is amazing and it’s no wonder that they have won award after award and have ‘a clientèle of discerning brides, celebrities & heads of state. They have shipped their wares & makes to Kensington Palace, The Shard, luxury hotels around the world and Governments.’

Now my little boy is 3 years old and as I am a single Mummy, it falls on my poor Mum to help my little man provide me with or make me a card. If you’re reading this Mum, I may have fallen in love with the following card. It’s a card and a gift in one…….perfect for the Mum’s out there that ask for nothing or a card at the most.

Mothers Day love birds Necklace Card single £19.95 Day love birds Necklace close up £19.95


The gold-plated necklace is ‘so me’. The birds symbolise my little man and I and I would wear it with pride.

If you are a Mummy, make sure that you share this article with your partner, parent or whoever helps your child choose a gift and I hope that you are as lucky as I hope to be!

Mother’s Day cards can be purchased until MIDDAY on FRIDAY 13th MARCH 2015 to arrive in time.

The discount code applies to all products on the website but expires on Friday 13th March so get browsing quickly!

To make the most of this massive discount, shop as normal and add the code HANNAH30 to the shopping basket.

Happy Mothering Sunday to you and yours and Thank you Mum’s, for all that you do for us. We love you.




  1. I love the card and necklace, it is so pretty and delicate. I have just been over for a mooch, there are some really beautiful pieces, love the carnival lights. I have bookmarked 🙂

    1. Thank you the mummy diary, I have too many things on my shopping list from the site now!

    1. Me too Lisa. It’s nice to find something original. Love your nails in your post by the way!

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