Monkey Wellbeing visits the Dentist

monkey wellbeing
Monkey Wellbeing visits the Dentist

Monkey wellbeing is a brilliant concept. More than that, it’s simply fantastic.

Monkey Wellbeing was created by a Mummy and Daddy when their 18 month old baby was facing major surgery. With a little bit of determination and imagination, a toy monkey and a homemade storybook, their little girl was able to face the surgery more confidently. 

Helen, the Mummy who founded Monkey Wellbeing was commissioned by  The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton, to create a second edition of Monkey has an Operation, followed by Monkey has a Blood Test after they saw the book she created for her daughter, Josephine, and how relaxed she was and the rate of her recovery.

Monkey hasn’t just been to hospital. He’s been to lots of adventures in the NHS and in day to life. 

IMG_5785We were kindly sent the ‘Monkey’s Family Visit the Dentist’ box which was absolutely perfect timing for us as my gorgeous little man has knocked his tooth countless times and recently, so badly that one of his front teeth came out about 4mm. Thankfully we have been able to rescue the situation but we have made quite a few visits to the Dentist.

The initial visit was quite harmless but I was worried that he may need treatment in the coming weeks and reading this book and having Monkey with us, definitely helped the situation.



As you can see, the book isn’t just drawings of what will happen at the dentist, it’s real life pictures showing the shiny metal, the appliances and tubes etc. It is so good to be able to show them the chair, the other children in the chair along with Monkey and talk through the things that will happen. The book also talks children through the polishing process, an x-ray and having a tube put into your mouth to suck out any saliva. 

monkey collage


I believe that we were sent a box containing things that you can buy separately- a story book, activity guide a pack and accessories. We were also sent a workbook and stickers. There are ‘Terrific Top Tips’ with tick boxes for the things that you already do and suggestions of other things such as floss. I’ve introduced floss to my son as I floss on a night but at the moment (3yrs old) he’s quite nervous of it. He has however started using mouthwash as part of his care routine after his accident.

There are dot to dots, colouring activities and lots of informative but fun activities to help learn IMG_5785about good food for teeth and not so good. The pictures of tooth decay were very helpful as I often explain to little man that if we don’t brush his teeth properly, he could get brown teeth or even holes.

There’s also a teeth cleaning chart for a week and after completion, the other side is a fantastic certificate to congratulate your child for their efforts.

We love Monkey Wellbeing. I think this picture says it all. He’s a big hit here.


 The other titles in the Monkey Wellbeing series are:

  • Monkey goes to school
  • Monkey has a blood test
  • Monkey has an asthma attackIMG_5785
  • Monkey has an injection
  • Monkey has an operation
  • Money visits Grandpa in hospital

I don’t believe that Monkey visits the Dentist is available just yet but if you visit the

Monkey Wellbeing website

you can access the shop and the other story books, activity guides, packs and accessories. I’m sure that more titles will be coming soon. I’m not sure how they would approach it but I’d love to see something to help children dealing with divorce and parents living separately, a challenge close to my heart.

Please do take a look at the website and company, I can’t wait to see the next title that they produce.






  1. I love this idea – dentists, hospitals, etc can be so scary for kids, even when they’re just visitors! I’m definitely going to bookmark these for when Marianna’s a bit older. 🙂 #KCACOLS

  2. What a brilliant idea! I love that rather than illustrations they show actual photos of children at the dentist. Monkey is also very cute – I think any child would love to have him accompany them to the dentist! And what a gorgeous little boy you have!

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday! x

  3. This is so cute! I love the puppet idea so they can “actually” go to the dentist too – it’s such an unnerving place so i’m glad someone is trying to make it easier. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

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