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Mess Free Valentines Heart Light Jars

How to make beautiful, Mess Free, Glue Free, Valentines Heart, Light Jars

How to make mess free, glue free, Valentines, heart light jars.

I am delighted to be a Bostik Blogger for another year and so is Bear as it ensures we get our craft on, as often as possible.

This month see’s Valentines Day on the horizon and we received a lovely box of love related goodies. We had so many ideas and will be sharing as many as we can, but number 1 is a super easy tutorial for the parents or children out there that like to make stuff but are not the biggest fans of glue or mess!

These beautiful light jars would make a gorgeous gift or decor for the house at any time of the year but are perfect for Valentines day. Hearts galore. 

You will need:

heart light jarsAn empty jar

heart light jars

Heart stickers or paper cut shapes

Bostik Glu Dotsheart light jars

heart light jarsA battery candle (you could use real but for safety’s sake…..)



Here’s how:

Take your heart stickers or paper cut outs, and whether they are stickers or not, to make sure that they stick properly, apply a Bostik Glu Dot to the back of each one (our heart stickers would not stick to the glass without the Glu Dots). You may need to help a younger child with this stage but my 5 year old was able to do this independently.

Then, stick the hearts on to the outside of the jar, in any which way you fancy and bish, bash, bosh, you are done! I told you it was an easy one.



How to make beautiful, mess free, glue free, Valentines Heart Jars


We hope you get the opportunity to make these. 


Disclosure: We were sent the box of craft goodies and Bostik products in order to help us make our crafts




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How to make beautiful mess free, glue free, hearts, valentines, light jars.



  1. This is such a lovely idea. Amelia is obsessed with little lights etc so she would definitely enjoy making these!

  2. These are beautiful, really really pretty. I know my daughter would love one, a lovely crafty weekend indoors away from the winter cold is ahead of us, so these will be perfect. #Weekendblogshare

  3. What a cute idea!! I’m starting IVF and it’s got me feeling all crafty, even though I know I won’t have a kid old enough for these projects for a while yet, lol.

    I’m terrible at crafts but I find great joy in doing them! Thanks for this tip!

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