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How to make a garden of Peg Mini Beasts | #bostikbloggers

How to make a garden of peg mini beasts.

Another month, another box of craft goodies in the post, courtesy of Bostik. Thanks! 

The theme this month, is Mini Beasts. Sometimes, you open a box and immediately get inspiration. There are so many great things this month that it made it hard for me to choose! We could have made a fabulous collage but Bear likes arts and crafts that become toys and so I decided to help him make Peg Mini Beasts. They sit in a garden but are easy to take out and like the Dragon Fly has been doing for the last hour, chase your Mummy and Labrador around the house, buzzing loudly…..hmmn.

This month, we used Bostik’s white glu and Glu dots. The glue is a firm favourite but the Glu dots are new to us. They are really easy to use and you are also able to reposition them on most surfaces. 




For the Butterfly, we made the wings out of craft foam and then used tissue paper to make them like stained glass and more delicate to replicate a real Butterfly’s wings. When attached to the peg, Bear decorated the peg with buttons, as you will see further down.


peg mini beasts


The Bee was super easy. A craft foam body, stripes of felt, glue and google eyes.


peg mini beasts


The Caterpillar is again, super easy. My 4yr old son made most of these without any help. We used a piece of craft foam once again (it’s so good and that little bit more sturdy than normal card) and felt circles and an obligatory googly eye. Once the glue had dried, I trimmed the craft foam down to size.


peg mini beasts


The Dragon Fly is my son’s favourite. We placed Glu dots onto thin strips of craft foam. That then holds in place the felt wings. We used white glu to then stick a sparkly piece of net on top of the felt. All four wings were then stick onto a peg with, yes, you’ve guessed, googly eyes and gigantic buttons.


peg mini beasts


It’s plain to see that the Ladybird was easy. Craft Foam body, felt wings, Glu dots to hold the spots and then eyes.


peg mini beasts


Other than the butterfly, the pegs have been stuck on to the bottom of each Mini Beast, using the Glu dots. They’re great as they are instant. I then twisted two pipe cleaners together, created a loop and then opened up each peg to attach the pipe cleaner.


peg mini beasts


When the Mini Beasts aren’t being played with, we made a garden for them to live in. I took a tall glass and wrapped it with brown felt. Bear then stuck leaves all over it. He literally chucked some playdoh into it and then each animal can be stored by pushing the pipe cleaner into the doh.


peg mini beasts


The finished Mini Beasts.


peg mini beasts


All in the garden.


peg mini beasts


We hope you like our ideas.










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