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How to make a Dragon #bostikbloggers

How to make a dragon

How to make a Dragon

How to make a dragon


It’s that time again, a box of fabulous craft materials was delivered to our house and I opened it up with anticipation. The theme this month is Dragons. Ok then, We’ve got this! 

Little man isn’t the fondest of scary animals, be them real or imaginary and so when I suggested we make a dragon, he wasn’t so keen. However, when I suggested that we could make it and scare Nanna with it, he became very excited and we started to craft! (Poor Nanna!)

How to make a dragon


The pictures are pretty self-explanatory (I hope) but we started by painting the sphere green, spiked it onto a cocktail stick and used Bostik Blu Tac to keep it in position whilst it dried. 

Using Bostik White Glu, we made the face and eyes out of foam sheet’s, googly eyes and a cocktail stick snapped in half and sandwiched between to the two pieces of foam. 

We pushed the face into the now dried sphere and used the white glu to secure and for the mouth, little man glued on a cupcake case.

Little man decided that to scare Nanna as best as possible, the Dragon needed fire. We used a pipe cleaner and sequin ribbon for this. The tongue was pushed through he cupcake case and into the sphere and glued into place.

The Dragon’s body is made out of gold corrugated card. It came with the wavy edge but you could easily customise whatever you have and make it spiky if you wanted. We used the Bostik Fast Tac to glue two pieces together but made sure to leave a good 5cm open to so it could be attached to the Dragons head. It’s an aerosol with pretty strong fumes and so we did this outside. With my help directing the spray, little man was able to press the spray. 

We glued and stapled the head onto the body and two wooden lolly sticks and four legs, both glued and stapled into place, completed the dragon.

How to make a dragon


How to make a dragon


We hope you like it and it gives you inspiration.




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