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Living Arrows 2017 17/52

The Living Arrows project took it’s name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”.

Every week, I shall be posting a photo taken the week before and I can’t wait to see the collection at the end of the year. 

This week’s photo:





I’m calling this photo ‘Brave’ but it really should be called ‘nonchalant’. Look at him. Chomping on a big foot lolly (basically sugar and food colouring), by the lobster pots in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, casually showing me one of the crabs that we caught, ‘crabbing’.

For those of you that have never been able to take part in this age old pastime, you basically get a little net bag – just like the ones you used to get with the old persil powder tablets, fill that with bait, attach it to a piece of string and drop it off a pier or harbour wall. 

The crabs go to the bait and if you time it right, you can pull the string up with crabs hanging on. That’s it. You look at them and then put them back. 

Bear is so brave that holding one is nothing. There were grown adults squirming at the sight of him holding this baby one! I love that he is developing his confidence around animals and love for them – all creatures great and small. 

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Living Arrows 2017

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Living Arrows



  1. We have never tried crabbing although would love to. I’m not sure I would be that bribe when it comes to actually handling them though! #LivingArrows

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