Lisa Lemon Hands free bag review

lisa lemon review

Lisa Lemon Hands free bag review.

I stumbled upon the Lisa Lemon Facebook page and immediately knew that her bag was the bag for me. I loved the concept and the colours but when it arrived in real life, I was so impressed by the quality.

The bags are made of leather, dyed with vegetable colours and produced in the UK



lisa lemon

The leather is so soft and I love the simple and subtle branding.

I use crutches and so for me, this bag will be getting a lot of use but its main audience is for festivals and travel. Occasions that you want accessories that are stylish and functional.

This bag is both. It’s not a fabric and rubbish bum bag of the 90’s, but a beautiful, leather hands free bag. It attaches round your waist tidily and safely and from behind, looks like a belt. It’s striking colours make it the focal point of your outfit or can tie everything together.

It has an inside pocket that comfortably fits an iPhone 5 (I’m sure it fits others but that’s what I have and it was perfect) and it was easy to take it in and out when I needed it without it getting stuck. It has an attached key ring which is perfect for something like a festival as you can keep your car keys safe and don’t need to worry about them falling out when you’re looking for your money.

It closes easily with a magnetic clasp and for extra safety, slips through a loop to keep it in place.

For travel, it is perfect. I had my phone, a small travel purse, passports, tickets, sunglasses and my son’s DS in the bag. It made check in and security, a doddle. I don’t know about you but it’s a pain to have all your documents out for check in. But then you have to move out of the way quickly to let the next person check in so they usually get shoved in a handbag or unsafely in a pocket. Then you get to baggage x-ray and they want your boarding card which you have to rummage for whilst moving forward in the queue. Then you’re moved straight to an x-ray machine and the documents get stuck in a tray.

9 times out of 10, you’re searched  and by the time you go to retrieve your possessions from the conveyor belt, there’s a queue and you grab everything and attempt to put your belt back on, your shoes back on and again, documents get stuffed somewhere.

Then you need them for duty free shopping and then finally on the plane! In and out and in and out.

lisa lemon inside



lisa lemon contents

The Lisa Lemon hands free bag made it so easy. I promise that I’m not just saying it, it really made a difference. I actually bragged about it to my friend who was travelling with her two boys and had her hands full. Nice.

You could use an over the body bag with a shoulder strap- what I would usually use but mine is bigger and so I end up rummaging for my passport and if I need to pick something up from the floor, it hangs away from my body and is a general pain in the bum!

So as you can tell, I love this bag. I think it’s only going to get better with age as it get softer and less rigid as well. I’m already using it most days and my sister was really pleased when I said she should take it to the festival she is going to soon.

I think the bag is so good for the everyday person but from my personal point of view, it is an excellent choice for those of us who struggle with chronic pain. Over shoulder bags hurt my neck. I can’t use anything with just handles as it’s so hard to hold it and use crutches and hanging it off my crutch is a nightmare as it unbalances everything! If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis or any other chronic pain condition I think this could be the handbag for you!

Now I just need to find a festival to go to……



*Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review however this in no way sways my opinion. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% truth!


  1. Brilliant! I was actually tempted by a bumbag recently due to using my sticks and swollen neck and shoulders (RA) make handbags a nightmare! Thank you Hannah, now I don’t need to take any more hits to my street cred than my rapidly changing body has already forced upon me. You do a great job, inspiring and helping people like us! Best wishes xx

    1. Thank you Cassandra, I’m so glad that you like the bag. I was so happy when I found it and it really does look nice. Sorry that you suffer too x

    1. I thinks it’s one of those products that’s going to divide opinion. I think it’s time to bring bumbags back!

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