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Keeping dry in spring showers


keeping dry in spring showers

Keeping dry in Spring Showers!

Here in North Yorkshire, I’m sure that you’ve heard or experienced yourself, we’ve had a lot of rain. A lot.

Little man is an all-weather boy. We are out with our dog each day which invariably involves mud and water, in the garden or at the park and so we need all the kit. Winter has been accounted for and we’ve survived it well, with not too many changes of clothes (in 1 day I should add as by the end of the day, his clothes could walk to the washer due to all the mud!) but now I’m looking forward to a hopeful increase in the temperature and as he’s an active boy, it will either mean he strips off his winter kit and gets wet, or I get him a raincoat.

It’s no surprise that I am looking at Joules. It’s our favourite brand as I love the styling and the quality.

Three of my favourites:

Children's Coast Showerproof Coat
Children’s Coast Showerproof Coat
Children's Skipper Showerproof Coat
Children’s Skipper Showerproof Coat










Children's Skye Waterproof Packaway Jacket
Children’s Skye Waterproof Pack Away Jacket


They are so handy to throw in the car whenever you go out, just in case and keep the wind out as well as deal with showers. In our case, we get our monies worth from outdoor wear. Given the chance, little man would be out from breakfast until bedtime. I can’t complain, it’s how I grew up and what I’ve always wanted for him but I don’t think kids feel the cold in the same way as adults! I’m happily taken care of as I bought a fabulous coat that is sadly not for sale right now but it converts from a long winter coat with a fleecy padded inside, to a warm quilted jacket and waterproof anorak. I keep swapping and changing how I wear it but at the moment, all parts are being utilised!


Look at the state of me!

Keep dry, love Hannah











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