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It’s oh, so quiet….so very quiet. Those of you that follow me on Facebook or Instagram, will know where I was last week and why the blog has been so quiet, as I posted photos galore, however, the blog was woefully ignored. Life is anything but quiet right now. I feel as though I am on a high speed train to Christmas and there are no more stops so I have to rush and hurry to get everything done!

So much has been done in the last couple of weeks. I was invited to the launch of the new Joules shop in Harrogate which was brilliant. It’s such a lovely store and a massive improvement on what was there before. That evening, I went to Manchester as I had been invited to the Co-op Bloggers Christmas Party. It was such a lovely evening and very yummy as we were able to taste their Christmas food and wine. Lots of wine and prossecco flowed and I left with a bulging goodie bag of treats! They were very kind and generous.

The following week was a right off though as I just wasn’t well. My shoulders and neck decided that they had had enough. I had used my crutches due to back pain and that set them off. It’s a balancing act that I don’t always get right. My back, hips and pelvis need more than a walking stick to support it when I walk but my wrists, shoulders and neck can no longer manage the use of crutches. Sometimes I have to use neither which really hurts and I walk with a more pronounced waddle and risk people thinking that I am faking the severity of my illness. Aaaaagh! I spent that week resting. I was in a lot of pain and tired and we just battened down the hatches and played at home. I did begin Vlogmas but have slipped with all the madness but will be uploading larger video’s that encompass a few days at a time.

My family and a handy man then all pitched in to help me organise my little country cottage.

On Friday 5th December, I received an email, inviting myself and guests, to enjoy a 5 day holiday at Bluestone National Park Resort in Wales. I couldn’t believe it! I was fortunately able to juggle a few things and a friend and her little boy was able to do similar and 3 days later on Monday 8th, we headed off on the long, long drive to South West Wales. 


I’ll write more in the future about our trip but for now, that’s where we were and why we were so quiet. I just managed to get a review of some fabulous children’s Snow Boots by Muddy Puddles, on line via the free wifi but that was that! Sadly, I was unable to organise my Find Your Tribe linky last Thursday but it will be up and running this week and again, after Christmas. 

Since we got back, it’s been Christmas a go go. The tree is up and the decorations are hung, mince pies have been made and may well have been eaten…..oooops! The cat climbs the tree, the dog barks at the tree and bounces at it and the boy laughs and eggs them on whilst shouting at them to stop! It’s chaos!


Saturday was decorating the tree, feeding Reindeer and hanging the stockings. Sunday was the day for Christmas crafting with Bostik and baking mince pies. 

Little man is today, having his dress rehearsal for his Nativity that he will perform tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him although I’m a little nervous as he’s under the weather and didn’t want me to leave him today. Last year was brilliant and he was a camel as he was only 2yrs old. This year he is a wise man with his best friend and I can’t wait to see if he has anything to say as he is remaining tight lipped at home other than a few words from a song! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan as poor ‘Joseph’ wasn’t there today as he was unwell, along with a few supporting members of the cast. Buzz off bugs!

Wednesday is his Christmas party at preschool and then he breaks up for the holidays. 

That’s that! Christmas is on its way! It’s going to be a little tricky to keep up with the blog hug I will do my best. I have some Christmas craft ideas coming later that should give you some ideas of you are worried about keeping excited children amused and busy before the big day.

How are you doing? Are you wrapped and ready or have you not started your shopping yet?




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  1. It sounded like you really needed that break! I can’t wait to hear all about it – we’ve been twice and it’s a beautiful place x

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