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How to watch Netflix | 5 Top Tips For Beginners

It’s not that hard but if like me, you have reached 2017 without signing up to Netflix and aren’t 100% sure how to watch it or make it stream to your television, here are some tips to help you get started.

5 top tips for beginners.

The first thing that you need to decide, before you set up, is: How will you watch Netflix? If on your computer, that’s all you will need. Same with an iPad, a Kindle Fire or other make of tablet. You can also watch Netflix on your phone. But what about your tv? If you have a smart tv, you can either find the pre installed app or search your tv app store and download it. If you don’t have a smart tv, do not fear. You can stream Netflix through the PS3, PS4 or Xbox360, Xbox One. Wii and Wii U.

You can also buy a Chromecast which is like a USB that you plug in to the mains and then the HDMI port on your tv. You can then control it with your mobile device or iPad etc or if you have a Google Home device, you can set it up so that you can control Netflix, through the Chromecast and through the Home device, with your voice. Very cool.

So. Step 1. Decide how you will watch Netflix.

  • Computer
  • Ipad, Kindle Fire, other make of tablet
  • Phone
  • Smart Tv
  • PS3 / PS4
  • Xbox360 / XBox One
  • Wii / Wii U

No matter how you will watch Netflix, you need to set up your account and on a computer is the best and easiest way to do it. Oh and don’t forget, new customers get a 1 month free trial. 

Step 2: Go to Netflix and enter your Name and Email Address and choose a password. Then, you need to choose a plan that suits you and a payment option and thats it. You are now the proud owner of a Netflix subscription and prepare to become addicted.


Tip 1: You can sign in to up to 6 devices with your log in details.


So for instance, I watch Netflix on my

  • Laptop
  • Iphone
  • Kindle Fire
  • TV Via Wii

and I’m considering buying a Chromecast so that I can watch Netflix in my bedroom. However, there are limits to how many devices can watch Netflix simultaneously.


Tip 2: Watching Netflix simultaneously.


I was very kindly gifted the Premium Plan by Netflix and that means that 4 devices can stream simultaneously. Me in the kitchen on the Kindle, my son on the TV in the living room, a friend in my bedroom and if there was a 4th person, they could watch too. Each device can watch a different film or show – you don’t all have to watch the same thing.

The basic plan allows you to watch Netflix on 1 screen at a time and Download videos on 1 phone or tablet. Also, this plan streams in Standard Definition.

The next plan allows you to watch Netflix on 2 screens at a time and Download videos on 2 phone’s or tablets. This plan streams in High Definition (HD)

The family plan allows you to watch Netflix on 4 accounts at a time, download videos on 4 phone’s or tablets and streams in HD and Ultra HD is available.


Tip 3: Profiles


When you set up your account, you will be asked to create a profile in your name and whether you want to watch Netflix or Netflix Kids. You will choose a coloured icon and then Netflix will ask you some questions about what you like to watch. This helps Netflix offer content to you that it thinks you will like to watch. The more you watch, the more the clever Netflix algorithm will find you things to watch.

You can set up 5 profiles with each subscription, for instance, Mum, Dad, a teenager, tween and toddler.


Tip 4: Profiles – Here’s the important bit:


Set up a profile for each person in your home. Don’t be tempted to just set up one profile that everyone watches Netflix through as adults will find their suggestions become based on their child’s favourite cartoons or your Netflix could suggest that your child watches something highly inappropriate.

You can manage each profile by logging into your account on your computer and setting the ‘Allowed TV programmes and Films’ to one of 4 age settings. You can tick ‘Kids’ which then lets you choose between

  • ‘For little kids only’ or
  • ‘For Older Kids and Below’. Older Kids and below show’s programs and films rated 12yrs and below.

The other 2 age ranges are:

  • ‘For teens and below’ or
  • ‘All maturity levels’



Now for the clever bit. If you choose a Kids profile, when your children are browsing, their area of Netflix has a white background, whereas an adult background is black. I noticed this but never really thought anything about it. However, it is a really clever design by Netflix.

When your children are watching something, you can take a couple of minutes to ensure that it is age appropriate and when they are browsing, you can easily, at a glance, check that they are using the correct profile – black = adult, white = kids. Simple, yet really bloomin clever.



Tip 5: Watching Netflix


There are so many brilliant little techie features that totally enhance your viewing experience.

1: It’s easy to switch from one device to another, in seconds.

Netflix will always catch up and know where you are. For instance, on a night, until I get a chrome cast, I watch Netflix on my Iphone in bed. Then, after the school run, when I’m tidying the kitchen, emptying the dishwasher etc, I’ll turn the Kindle on and carry it around the room and house. Then if I have a moment, I may watch something when I take a lunch break – Netflix is addictive. There are so many binge – worthy shows that suck you in! When I turn the Wii on in order to watch in in the living room, the program I choose, starts at the exact place that I finished at. Sometimes I’ll load Netflix on the Wii whilst my program is still playing on the Kindle – stop it and press play on the Wii and it’s seamless.

2: Skip at the press of a button.

I’ve noticed that not on every program, but on most, you can easily skip the ‘last episode recap’ if your show has one and also skip the theme tune. You press the screen on a pad or phone, use the wii remote on the wii or the mouse on a laptop or computer. It’s fab and makes binging that little bit easier.

3: Binge. One after another, after another. No hands needed.

If you watch Netflix whilst you’re washing up or baking (or anything else for that matter) and your episode finishes, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing, clean up and dry your hands in order to start the next episode – just wait 5 seconds and unless you press stop, the next one will start. Fabulous!

4. Watch abroad.

So. You’re travelling abroad, You have wifi and you’re going to be stuck in on a night whilst the kids sleep. You’re in the middle of your favourite series or the next one is released 5 days before you get home and you can’t cope with the social media spoilers. Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing. As long as you have your phone, pad or computer, you can catch up on Netflix’s finest. It is available in over 190 countries.

5. Download and watch in the car, on the bus or wherever you fancy.

Lots of Films and TV shows are available to download to either your phone or pad. Perfect for long road trips, your daily commute or if you’re flying etc. It’s perfect for people like me, with chronic illness as I can catch up whilst I’m waiting to see a dr – you know they’re always running late!

Just click on the downward arrow icon when you have wifi and your show or movie will be waiting for you in Downloads when you’re ready.


I hope that these tips will be helpful to you. I’ve had Netflix for 3 months and I am hooked. I have binged quite a few series so far and will give you my recommendations soon but I will tell you that I, we, have hardly watched ‘normal’ tv since we got the subscription. A Netflix subscription is unlike any other, mainly, because the Netflix Original programs are incredible.  Netflix isn’t just a way to watch TV, it’s a huge library of films and shows that you know and thousands of others that you don’t. But you will get to know them. You’ll not be able to stop yourself!

Please also find below, a video tutorial to help you watch Netflix on a Nintendo Wii. It’s probably one of the most ‘old school methods’ to watch Netflix but for now, it’s the only way that we’ve been able to watch Netflix on our tv and I’ve found that it’s really reliable.



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