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How to make a Hanging Snowman | Bostik

How to make a Hanging SnowmanHow to make a hanging snowman with Bostik

Here’s a relatively easy winter craft for you. I cut out all the things that we needed and supplied some muscle power for the glue but other than that, my 3 year old managed it really well and probably could have done it alone.

We started with a snowman shaped piece of foam which you can find in craft shops and on line but you could draw one on the back of a cereal box. I used some white material, cotton wool, black felt, white glue, googly eyes, buttons, a piece of ribbon, a sharpie and a Bostik glue pen.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory but little man and I also made a video to show you how to make it.


I cut two circles of white material for the tummy (one for each side), two pieces for the face and two black hats. I couldn’t find any normal cotton wool in my cupboard and so used the little cotton wool pads that you might use to take make up off with.


We fluffed up the cotton wool, used lots of glue and stuck the tummy material on top. The same for the face and we added the hat and stuck two googly eyes on using the same white glue.


Little man stuck two buttons on his tummy and some ribbon around his neck as a scarf. We decided against a nose and used a black sharpie pen for the coal mouth. We did the same on the other side, trimmed it up and then I quickly used a needle to attach some thread and then using Bostik Blue Tac, White Tac, I stuck it to the ceiling easy peasy. A week later, it’s still there, doesn’t leave a mark and is easy to move if needed. Fab!

Let me know if you give it a go and also keep your eyes open for a How To make a Frozen inspired mobile which would like great for a party decoration, room decoration or just seasonal decor.





  1. Oh so cute. I still have a couple of hanging snowmen that I made as a child that my Mum put up every Christmas. I love traditional homemade decorations

    1. Thank you Jen. I want to do the same and have the excitement of finding old decorations, year after year and remembering things that we’ve forgotten during the year. Homemade for sure x

  2. This is so cute! The only interest Marianna has shown in Christmas so far this year is trying to eat the fairy lights when we got them out of the cupboard… I’m saving up all the projects I come across for next year though! 🙂 #findtribe

  3. So cute. We are going to be in Indonesia this year for Christmas so we won’t have our usual decorations. Although my kids are adults now (my youngest finished school yesterday with her final exam!) I still like to have some Christmassy things so this will be a great idea.

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