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How to find a channel on youtube

I was asked to review a youtube channel called ‘Heroes of the city’. Click here to see what I thought. I then realised that even though someone is reading on a computer, they may not know how to find a channel on youtube.

Here is a quick guide if you are using a computer:

Open your internet browser. Type ‘’ into the search bar and press enter.

When on youtube, type the name of the channel into their search bar.

How to find a channel on youtube


The next screen will show lots of videos that are associated with your search term. Scroll down until you see the image that says ‘Channel’ next to it. Click on this. When you arrive at your chosen channel, click subscribe, Next time you want to find this, it will be in a list called ‘My subscriptions’ on the left hand side of your screen when you log into youtube. Enjoy!

How to find a channel on youtube

If you are using an ipad or iphone, either use your internet browser and follow the instruction above. Or…..

Download and open up the youtube app from the app store


Next, type ‘Heroes of the city’ into the search bar.

Choose the channel

Click on subscribe and then check out the videos and playlists. That’s it! You’re done. The channel will always be in your subscriptions whenever you would like to watch,

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  1. Very good guide. A lot of people will appreciate knowing how to do this. Have you subscribed to a lot of channels?

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