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How to blow an egg and decorate for Easter

How to blow an egg

How to blow an egg


How to blow an egg and decorate for Easter

The run up to Easter has well and truly begun. A couple of weeks ago, we made an egg collection bag for our yearly Easter Egg hunt in the garden and little decorations but I love real eggs hung on our twig tree.

You may have never blown an egg before but don’t let that put you off – it’s really easy.

All you need is

Clean eggs
A pin
Something with a larger sharp point such a scissors
A bowl

The hole at the top doesn’t need to be very big but its best to make the hole at the bottom about 3mm or larger. Make sure that when you have made the holes, use the pin to break the yolk inside the egg as it will make it easier to blow out.

You need to put your mouth over the top of the egg, make a seal and blow. Make sure you have a bowl underneath to catch the egg which you can then make a cake with (any excuse for cake). My little man gives a good demonstration in the video below.

Give them a good wash, fill the eggs with warm soapy water by submerging them, cover the holes, shake the egg and then blow the water out. Repeat 3 or 4 times.

If you are decorating these yourself, you could paint them with a good white paint – acrylic is good as it will have a better coverage. If you only have kids poster paint, you might need a couple of coats. When it’s dry, you can decorate them however you wish. If you don’t paint them white, you might struggle to stop the brown egg colour coming through. See what works best for you.

If you are decorating the blown eggs with young children, you might want to strengthen them first as they are easily dropped and smashed and its so disappointing!

I used kitchen towel but tissue paper would probably be just as good if not better for this.

To strengthen them, you need:

Kitchen towel or Tissue Paper (white)
Pva Glue
Plastic pot

Add a little water to the glue to thin it. Paint the eggs with the glue mixture and stick the paper down. Dry them on a cocktail stick and then paint them. They do have some texture to them but actually, I think they look really nice like that.


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How to blow and decorate real eggs for Easter

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